A review of the esinkin Bluetooth adaptor

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    I already have a very nice Audiomachine B1 Bluetooth adaptor for my living room system, but decided that I wanted to add another Bluetooth adaptor to my study system. I found an inexpensive unit by esinkin selling for $22.95 on Amazon and ordered it,

    There are a few differences between the adaptors. The esinkin has 1/2 the range of the $150 Audiomachine B1 and does not turn off. Since I would be using it in my study where my wireless router is kept, the distance was not a factor.

    I used an electric extension jack that can be turned on or off with a switch and these can be found in any hardware store.

    The esinkin comes with a power supply, 1/8" jack to RCA cable adaptor and the unit has a 1/8 jack and a pair of RCA connectors. I used my own RCA cables and connected the unit to my RS201 receiver.

    I turned the unit on and pressed the center button to activate the Bluetooth. I was able to pair the unit with my iMac and iPad without any problems and the sound was quite nice.

    I used the programs I already had installed and everything ran without a hitch. Not bad for $23!

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