Additional cooling for STK 3042

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Mico, Jan 13, 2019.

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    I have just picked mint Akai AM-U04 2x48W integrated for a song. It sounds surprisingly good (damping factor is 140!) but uses STK power amp packs and STK 3042 as a voltage amp. Power amplifier packs are sufficiently cooled with freon filled heat sink fins and are barely warm. But voltage amp is too hot to touch after only 10min of idling and definitely needs improved heat dissipation. I was looking how to fit different heat sinks on it and have found that it is impossible to completely cover the back of STK as there are two electrolytic caps in the near vicinity. I would have to fit the heat sink on only one portion of the STK, the covered area would be in the center and around 35-40% of the total heat transfer area. Not sure if this is a good idea and if this approach would create uneven temperature inside the pack ? I have another, much bigger computer CPU heat sink that has to be custom cut, but even than it would cover maybe 70-80%of STK. If I run it stock like this, I do not think it would last long...

    IMG_9089 copy.jpg

    Of course I will not attach heat sink with Scotch tape ;-)

    IMG_9092 copy.jpg

    IMG_9088 copy.jpg

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    How about bending a sheet of 1/16" aluminum stock (or copper, silver or gold ;-). Section cut to match the STK, and a larger wing folded over at 90deg above depending on space-like a bent T? Or just a piece cut in an L shape overshadowing the STK?
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