Adventures in Bi-amping: Meet YamSui A-D2111Mk2

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by stopkidding, Jan 11, 2019 at 1:30 AM.

  1. stopkidding

    stopkidding Well-Known Member

    As you my have recently read, my fully restored Sansui AU-D11 Mk2 is kicking some serious butt. But it left my Yamaha A-S2100 all cold and lonely.

    So I decided to experiment with Bi-amping and I am happy to present to you the YamSui A-D2111Mk2!

    I have all the sources fed into the Sansui and use Tape out into Line input of the Yamaha. Currently the Yamaha is powering the LFs (160W at 4ohms) and Sansui into the HFs (Guessing it might be 180W+ into 4ohms). I have to individually control volume on both, it seems pretty easy. I set a level on the Sansui, get into my listening positions and use the remote on the Yamaha to dial up the LF to match .

    Once I get my second set of proper speaker cables delivered I will experiment more by swapping the LF and HF amps. Currently I am limited by the binding posts on the Sansui.

    How does it sound? First impressions are great. I can see why people are drawn to Bi-amping. There is so much more head room when you play loud. The bass is tighter and more focussed and instrument separation is definitely better. Sound stage and clarity seem better too. The Polk LSi15 are really power hungry and the extra amplification seem to really open it up and give it more legs!

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  2. stopkidding

    stopkidding Well-Known Member

    one thing I noticed on my Polk LSi15, that the HF amp only powers the tweeter. The LF amp powers the two 5.25" drivers and the 8" woofers. The upper cross over frequency is 2400Hz. Which means vocals get split between the two amps. I find biamping to provide another dimension to the hobby where you can use amps of different sonic signatures to power different audio bands.

    If you could bi-amp with your favorite Sansui amps, what would you choose for HF and LF? is there an ideal combo to your ears (and minds?)
  3. quadklipsh

    quadklipsh Super Member

    Lahore, Pakistan
    I dont remember my 707x having pre outs on the back.
    Isnt It the same with aud11II..
    Though im pretty satisfied by the amp itself.
  4. stopkidding

    stopkidding Well-Known Member

    I am using tape out from Sansui into the Line input on Yamaha.

    Did some more listening around with both amps taking turns with LF and HF. I now have a preference for the Yamaha powering the LF and Sansui powering the HF speaker drivers. Even though the Yamaha has less output power, it definitely has deeper low end and better control over the woofers than the Sansui. I used Side B of Bob Marley and the Wailers - Legend for the listening. The difference is not noticeable between the amps when driving the full range. Perhaps the impedance characteristics of the mid-woofers on the Polk LSi15 are better suited to the Yamaha.

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