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  1. ScottypB

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    I am looking for advice regarding my current setup. Since I am Fairly new to listening to vinyls I’ve got most of my components handed down from family. I have tried to research each component for reviews and quality but I’ve found there’s a lot more to it than the information I am getting.
    I currently have :
    JVC JL-A20 turntable
    Luxman L-110 integrated amp
    JBL MRV308 speakers

    I’ve dropped about $300 into getting the amp working again as it was given to me by my uncle. The turntable was my dads and was also taken in to get checked out, they said the stylus and cartridge are fine and set the tracking/ weight for me. The speakers I bought off craigslist.

    A friend also new to vinyls has a hand me down setup of a Realistic turntable with a Sansui AU555a that to my ears sounds much better than my setup. It seems to have much less background noise on albums that I bring over with noticeable noise at home.

    A few of my questions include:
    Which Would be the first piece I should upgrade/ replace?
    Which component is most important to spend the money on for sound quality?
    Are these speakers more for a home entertainment use and not meant for listening to vinyl?
    Which factors are most important for matching TT to amp, amp to speakers?

    I know there’s a lot of questions here but I appreciate any info or help provided.


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  2. ScottypB

    ScottypB New Member


    This setup is only listening to vinyl. Mostly blues and Classic rock.
  3. ScottypB

    ScottypB New Member


    What do you mean by upgrade the amp? I’ve already had it restored.
  4. Markoneswift

    Markoneswift Quartz locked n ready to rock

    Aotearoa New Zealand
    Restored maybe, but to original spec most likely. I'm not familiar with that model, but I will bet there's a few components in there that can be replaced with modern alternatives to lower the noise floor.

    It sounds to me like you are referring to noise floor when you say your system has more background noise - a common characteristic of old silicon parts such as transistors.

    When it was restored, did they replace all the electrolytic capacitors, including those in the phono section ?
  5. ScottypB

    ScottypB New Member


    I get what you’re saying now.

    He did not replace anything that didn’t need to be done. A part of the board was ‘fried’ and had new parts as needed to get it running. I could call the shop and find out exactly what he put in and possibly get the schematic from him. From what I remember it was difficult for him to even find them.

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