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Advice on amplifiers

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by Shutterdial, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Shutterdial

    Shutterdial AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Im new and looking to buy a new amp
    I always liked the McIntosh amps but they are to expensive. I love the big vu meters on them that glow. Is there any other amps with big vu meters that glow that would be worth getting. I seen a ees eclipse and a dbx amp that was similar what would you guys recommend that isnt to expensive.
    Any help is appreciated

    My gear
    Pioneer sx-737
    Pioneer. Sa-7700
    6550 stereo tube amp
    Klipsh forte ii speakers


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  2. Mark B

    Mark B Yamaha Fan Subscriber

  3. Shutterdial

    Shutterdial AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Little bit more then i want to pay. My have to find an old onkyo
  4. Yamaki

    Yamaki Not For Hire Subscriber

    Hillsboro, Oregon
    How much is your budget?

    Here is a list of big meter amps you might be able to use for research:

    1. Technics SE-A5000

    2. Technics SE-A3Mk2

    3. Technics SE-A4Mk2

    4. Technics SE-A5

    5. Denon POA-1500

    6. Denon POA-1500 II

    7. Sansui BA-2000

    8. Sansui BA-F1

    9. Sony TA-N77ES

    10. dbx BX-3

    11. Yamaha MX-10000

    12. Yamaha MX-2000

    13. Proton D1200

    14. Hitachi HMA-8500 Mk II

    15. Accuphase E-305

    16. Onkyo M-504

    17. Onkyo M-5000R

    18. Onkyo M-5030

    19. JVC M-L10

    20. Phase Linear 400

    21. Phase Linear 700
  5. Shutterdial

    Shutterdial AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I like the dbx because of the single meters.

    Probably around
  6. whoaru99

    whoaru99 Epic Member

    They're not huge meters, but some amps like Yamaha P2200 have them none the less.

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  7. Shutterdial

    Shutterdial AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I really like the Sony N77ES. Is there anything else close to that?
  8. damacman

    damacman Blown and Injected Subscriber

    Gilbert, AZ
    Those are well liked amps too.
  9. Silentnet

    Silentnet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Charleston, SC
    People around me believe one of those is worth $450+ un-tested. Hence why I don't own one.
  10. zappafan2

    zappafan2 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Illinois
    Soundcraftsman MA 5002 thumbnail.jpg
  11. birchoak

    birchoak Hi-Fi Nut Subscriber

    Amesbury, MA
    Oh, oh! Pick me! Pick me! Meters rock! You will not regret it! Take a closer look at the DBX BX-3; that is one amazingly well-built amp: toroidal transformer, massive aluminum heat sinks, internal cooling fan. I don't have one but if I had been aware of its existence before my amp-with-meters journey that's the one I would have targeted. I had an Onkyo M-something, can't remember model #, and it sounded thin and expressionless to me. Could have been bad pairing with preamp/speakers, dunno. Internal build quality did not impress me--not even close to that DBX. I have a Proton D1200 which I got for a pretty good price and while it does sound very, very good the build quality does not inspire confidence--messy wiring that looks like it was installed in a hurry, cheap ON/OFF switch--that big Yamaha PC2002M amp is tempting but it was designed for live gigs mainly (rock bands) although if you get one nobody is going to say that their amp can beat yours. That is a Mad Max V8 amplifier, for sure. Google that one until you see it's innards; you will spit your beer out. Yep, it's that impressive, the real McCoy. Half the fun of this journey is all the looking during the great hunt. Have fun!


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