Advice on recapping Fisher CC-3000 preamp

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Roypercy, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Roypercy

    Roypercy Super Member

    Brooklyn, New York
    Hi all:

    I got this preamp a few years ago in large part because several AK members highly recommended it, and it's a great preamp. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. But lately there have been some issues. A couple of the switches broke inside (where the shafts(?) connect to the board) requiring repair, which I did successfully. Lately though I've been having some issues with balance, in particular one channel playing softly when I start off, then coming to full volume after a few minutes. I also felt there was a general degradation to the sound, a bit of brittleness on some material that I hadn't heard before. So I think it might be time to try recapping.

    I've recapped plenty of speakers, but I've never replaced caps on a circuit board. I don't want to redo the entire thing at once, I'd like to start small and see how it goes (and if it helps the sound issues). Where would be a good place to start? Anybody else recapped one of these babies?


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  2. centexguy99

    centexguy99 Grumpy Old Hermit Subscriber

    The Mountains of Vermont
    I just came across one of these and have the same question... Has anyone recapped one of these and is there any advice or new parts lists floating around? Any help is appreciated.

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