Advice on updating an old Musical Fidelity A3 amp

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Groucho2004, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Groucho2004

    Groucho2004 New Member


    My good old MF A3 (the very first incarnation) is getting old (~17 years) and I'm looking for a replacement, ideally under 1000 Euro / 1200 $. I have been looking at reviews of the usual suspects (Yamaha A701, NAD 356BEE, Marantz PM8005) but can't make up my mind. It's important to me that the amp sound is a bit on the warm side and works well at low volumes.
    My speakers are the original KEF Reference Model 2. They are a bit difficult to drive (they dip down to 3 Ohm) but they make up for it with good efficiency. My MF doesn't have problems driving them at the volumes I listen to.
    Any suggestions?


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  2. cademan

    cademan Addicted Member

    Yeah, keep the one you have! Just because it is 17 years old doesn't mean its getting useless. Maybe do a standard recap and then decide if you want a new one. I'm still using my 40 year old Pioneer integrated amps plus some 60 year old tube amps. They have all been recapped and should out live me!

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