Affordable multiple input stereo preamplifier?

Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by stolen, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. stolen

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    Tried to search on these forums, but everything that comes up is either a headphone amp or a tube phono preamp OR a passive preamp with one or two inputs.

    So, does anyone know of any relatively inexpensive NEW stereo preamps with multiple inputs? This would be driving a Crown XLS1002 power amp.

    All I've found is this OSD unit. Does anyone know anything about this?

    Not looking for anything fancy, but must have multiple inputs and volume control. It seems like everything I find is crazy expensive for what is a very simple device.

    Also, this appears to be a tube stereo preamplifier with 4 separate inputs, all point to point wired.

    Any thoughts, users, etc?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  2. prighello

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    Morro Bay, CA
    The OSd one has no gain, I asked the manufacturer, if that mattered to you. Or try Emotiva they have a full feature preamp for cheap.
  3. btol

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    I've been eyeing that Nobsound pre as well but I'm leery. Crossing my fingers that some reviews pop up. There are a couple Chinese single input pre's that some folks really like which has me wondering about this one.
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  4. 59volvo

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    it seems like no one makes a decent mid fi preamp anymore. Are there DACS with volume control that replaced the function of preamps?
  5. Gnesen

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  6. 59volvo

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  7. Bob

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    West coast
    you have two major paths. both Chinese. and both reasonable (depending on your comfort with
    the companies offering such).

    SS/tube preamp with lots of inputs or DACs with multiple inputs like @Gnesen mentions
    above. other brands are nobsound and Xiangsheng

    reasonable is beer/cigarette/wine money. I like these because they are usually how I jump
    into new things, and I can give away or sell if I don't like them or if I upgrade. and after
    decades of kits, fixing Dynaco tube stuff, you cannot diy for this low amount.

    and you can get these on Amazon from US shippers, or from china via ebay, or if
    you are very, very adventuresome then from Alibaba, and about 100 different
    Chinese sites. if you do, learn to use the bing/google translation apps or
    learn Chinese. and sometimes both (there are online chats with most of the
    sales sites). and be prepared for the shipping costs (usually either slow and cheap
    or fast and expensive)
  8. fore

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    Rhode Island
    I've got an MCM 50-7772 which is a copy of TC-754. It has 3 rca inputs, a phono input, and a passive volume control. Works well for me in a desktop system.
  9. Fr8dog3510

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    Schiit Saga
  10. Hawkeye83

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    Was going to suggest this before...may not be what you're looking for, but it's an option.

    You could take something like a $37 Sainsmart 6N3 tube preamp and add an input selector to it...something like a Beresford TC-7420 to it (sure you could find a much cheaper option, but the Beresford is high quality). Of course, by the time you "build" the preamp...upgrade the tubes, build your box, get some miscellaneous parts...then the could easily be up near $300. But you could do it cheaper, much cheaper too, but going cheap on the preamp case and finding a much cheaper input selector. I just mentioned these two specifics because I have experience with them. I was really surprised at the sound from the Sainsmart preamp. I think it has a better linestage than my Peachtree Decco.

    sainsmart preamp -

    Beresford switch -

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