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Age and your satisfaction with your Main Rig

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by ehoove, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. theophile

    theophile Pheasant Plucker. Subscriber

    If we held a gun to your head, of the components that you have to hand, which system would you nominiate as the best ensemble?


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  2. Brindabella

    Brindabella Well-Known Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    Yikes Theo - that's a hard one, my love changes for different set-ups for different reasons. For example my:

    Pioneer SX750 (professionally restored) mated with Kef 104ab's, a simple Marantz CC4001 5 stacker CD player, QED Cables and Cord speaker cable is so lush and warm, I would never get bored or fatigued.

    But I really like a sense of air between voice and individual instruments, so for unparalleled detail Kenwood KA 8100 if I want to tone down (warm) the digital sparkle or the Yamaha 1070 to sparkle up the Yamaha NS1000's and embrace digital music. Using the Sony 400 stackers with a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic is hard to beat, hit shuffle, turn the volume up and enjoy till the police knock on the door - here's hoping the NS1000m or NS690II will be just that little bit less sterile at lower volumes. This my go to system when I want to critically hear the music or recording (digital). Edit: Also have a Sony CDP101 for when I want to go old school on this combo.

    I mention this purely for the surprise factor just because it is so basic and yet so good; Sony 5 stacker CD player with a AMC old DAC8, monster connects, Pioneer A400 with Wharfedale W30 and no-name basic quality oxygen free copper cable is amazing for what it is and never unsatisfying to listen too.

    But when I really want to sit listen for joy of music give me the Technics SL 1200MKII with Ortofon Bronze Cartridge, Kenwood C1 & M2 which has both the Celestion 66's and the Kappa 7's hooked up with Canare connects and Monster speaker cable...those Celestion 66's which have been fully restored are sublime, all analog, not a digital bit to be heard....hah wonderful - gun to the head this is the one.

    How's the weather in Queensland, windy and miserable here inside with the heater on.

    Rob :)
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
  3. theophile

    theophile Pheasant Plucker. Subscriber

    Thanks. It's always interesting asking someone with a pile o gear just what they'd like to put together. The weather here? Still warmish. Those really cool mornings and nights are just around the corner. Typically here it is around May 1st that the true coolness takes a hold for 4 or so months. Our winter, the subtropical winter is very mild compared to many places on the globe. Suits me.
  4. petervv

    petervv Active Member

    I'm 53 and I absolutely love my vintage Pioneer stuff which I lusted for when I was young, but soundwise my modern age high tech DSP / class-D Grimmaudio LS1 loudspeaker system sounds sooooooo much better.......
  5. avionic

    avionic " Black Knights " Subscriber

    Fort Dodge, Iowa
    I´m totally satisfied with what I have .
  6. Hawkeye83

    Hawkeye83 Super Member

    East-Central Iowa
    33 years old here. I could certainly live with the gear I have...probably forever. But I've only been in the hobby around 2.5 years yet, so haven't heard enough to quit having fun on the merry-go-round! :)
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  7. Markoneswift

    Markoneswift Quartz locked n ready to rock

    Aotearoa New Zealand
    Hey, 46 here and currently happy with my modest system. I don't have a lot of time for listening, nor am I a critical listener, but I know what sound I like so I'm all good. I've been in and out of component systems for years, since the mid Eighties probably, and I'm enjoying the resurgence of 'vintage' because it's bringing some kit that I only dreamed of back in the day up to the surface. Finding deals is quite addictive and I\ve found that restoring speakers is something I really enjoy so I've found a new hobby as well as the actual audio side :)
  8. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    PODUNC USA......
    Well, finished some home brew DIY bookshelves (yes, I love them - bookshelf speakers) and the system has been taken to another level. It also helps I finished with room treatments (at least on one side). This now is the 'OH WOW' factor.

    See signature for the system....
  9. RuralTom

    RuralTom Active Member

    42 years old here.

    I'm not there yet, but I will be. I could live with my stereo as is for a long time, but I had an epiphany in the last few months and have dreams and desires that must be fulfilled.
  10. MJB1959

    MJB1959 Super Member

    Mpls, MN
    Love the thread, lot's of folks from my era posting. I am 56, for a few months anyway. Started out getting spoiled by older brothers and my dad, who all had the audio itch. At some point, I put together enough for a true audiophile grade system, that was about 3000.00 in the late 70's. Life happened, marriage, home, work, 3 kids, dogs, cats, and all of the sudden I am an older man. I spent a few years rebuilding a system, but opted for the vintage good stuff. But my hearing is miraculously still very good, so I am at the point where I am going to resign myself to what I have in the listening room/Studio.
    4 large ADS speakers, some Yamaha, Nad, Magnavox, and a wall of guitars, amps and musician toys. I still want to finish the stereo with a Yamaha A S801. That should be good for the rest of my years hopefully.
  11. Tharbamar

    Tharbamar Active Member

    Hi everyone! I am 42, started out this hobby when I was around 14 years old and bought a real Hifi system around 23 and still going strong.
    I am very happy with my current system but I am still dreaming of speakers like KEF Blade, may be one day my dream will come true.

    Happy 4th of July !


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  12. Roypercy

    Roypercy Super Member

    Brooklyn, New York
    57 here, and I got into vintage audio around the time my daughter was born. So I've always had other demands on my money than putting much of it into my stereo system. So when I got into this hobby I started with stuff I got cheaply from thrift shops,stoop sales, and (many times) found on the street. I taught myself to refurbish and repair as much of it as possible (which was always fun and interesting). And because I live in an apartment in New York, I've never had the space to store a lot of gear. So I proceeded by selling off pieces when I found something I wanted more, and I've enjoyed that part of the hobby as well. In my early days of assembling systems I would start to hear deficits that I wanted to eliminate, and would select new pieces until one problem went away, only to start hearing another. About five years ago I arrived at my current system, which sounds great to my ears. I also like the looks! Pretty much everything I see for sale these days would either be a downgrade or a lateral move. I could get better speakers, but I love the look and the sound of my University Dual 12's. There are better CD playback options, but for more serious coin than I'm willing to lay out. And at this point I'm not hearing anything egregious that I would like to do better. So I'm happy (for now, anyway) and spend my "mad money" on records and CDs.
  13. Hobie1dog

    Hobie1dog Super Member

    60, I use to have a great system. 2 years ago had to quit work after becoming quickly disabled, which caused me to have to sell a lot of my gear. If you have a great system you can live with, them put money in the bank so that you can live for a year off of it. If you become instantly unable to work again( car wreck, heart attack, etc) and you instantly get awarded disability. ... It still takes 5 months to get your first check. So you are on your own financially. l wish I could go back an do it all over again and do it differently. I would have just gone to the bank in my twenties, bought a McIntosh system, with a great set of speakers with longevity (K horns) built in, paid the loan off in 3 years, then I could have lived happily after, leaving lots of money for more important things in life.
  14. DougMac

    DougMac Super Member

    Juliette, GA
    Hi I'm Doug and I'm an audioholic...

    Looks like I'm the oldest to post so far. I'm just shy of 66. Unofficial tests show my hearing is still pretty good for someone my age. Of course, hearing is more than frequency response and sensitivity. I've been playing an instrument since the third grade and I also sing as a cantor and a member of the choir.

    I'm a few years away from retirement. We are saving and spending on major capital improvements like a new roof and other items that put us in good shape when our income reduces. I don't see a big upgrade in audio gear happening unless an unknown rich uncle dies and leaves me all his money.

    I appreciate high end systems and of course would love to own one. However, I've never felt compelled to spend a large amount of money at the expense of my other interests or planning for the future. I've always lived just shy of the steep rise in the cost vs gain curve. No, I can't hear the fly buzzing two studios down. As compensation, my wife and I will have enough retirement income to pursue common interests like spending a month in Tuscany or traveling to Norway to see the Northern Lights.
  15. ehoove

    ehoove Old & New - Carpe Diem Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    It has been 6 months since I started this thread, and my thought process remains in place. I plan on working for a few more years, and will start receiving full Soc Sec benefits in December so this will allow me to achieve my goals as stated earlier. It might even allow for a MC cartridge or two along the way. :music:
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  16. Hyfi

    Hyfi Addicted Member

    Bucks County, PA
    I will be 55 in December. My main rig has not changed much since I acquired it in 2008. I swapped speakers and main amp but they are now in another system, I have 5 all together.

    I am pretty satisfied but have been slowly getting our finances together in order to have a smooth retirement in 12 years. I am budgeting myself $20 for a new system between now and then. I'm sure I will be downsizing and not have enough room for 5 systems so I plan to sell off almost all of what I have now and buy 1 killer 2ch system.

    The choices are too many for sure in my allotted budget. Can't decide if I want to stay with tubes and or separates, or just make it simple and get the Pass INT-60 and some Tannoys, or something more exotic like a nice Pathos Hybrid with some Diapason Itailia Adamantes.

    I really can't complain much about what I have now but I got it used and it's been 8 years with no change besides tubes. My main pcs, VAC and Counterpoint were very high end reference pcs back in the 90s and they still perform fine today.


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  17. JoeESP9

    JoeESP9 ESL's & tubes since 83

    Philadelphia PA
    I turned 69 last month. My system has been pretty much as it is now for the last few years. I don't have any compelling reason to change much of anything.
  18. tyeeslayer

    tyeeslayer Super Member

    Abbotsford, British Columbia
    48 and I have always been satisfied with what I had. When younger I had less and was fine. Now kids are grown and I have more, bigger, better......still satisfied.
    We all have to learn to be happy with what we have and can afford at the time.
    Will there be changes? Probably.
    Can there be improvements? Yes.
    Will I still be satisfied? Yes.
  19. MikE

    MikE Color Me Gone

    RIP 1957-2017
    59 YO. Retired in 2012. I brought good stuff 15 years ago and the amp / speakers give me no real reason to upgrade. Recently retired my 4k transport / dac for a $49 Chromecast Audio puck / $249 Schiit Modi multi-bit dac combo [better]. Played around with some new cables but nothing expensive. I'm also doing some tweaks to the tube amp and power supply but again, nothing expensive. I believe my main rig retails for around 9k and all of my recent upgrades total less than 1k.

    Extremely happy. I know it could be improved but getting there is half the fun. I'm in no rush.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2016
  20. SkyLounger

    SkyLounger Super Member

    Montreal, Canada
    My main rig is in my sig and what i'd like to eventually upgrade is my amp to a McIntosh, get rid of the CD player for a transport only, upgrade to the phono pre and get some sort of HD player to replace JRiver on my MacBook.

    I'm turning 53 next month.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2016

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