Air Guns

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    +1 on peep-sights. They can be spectacularly consistent, and target acquisition I always found to be quicker. I regularly shot one hole groups with a .22 and the cheapest ammo available with peeps as a kid. From prone, sitting and kneeling - not from a rest. Never did this offhand, though.


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    A drop or two of dish soap in warm(not hot) water, and some gentle agitation is all it takes. Let them dry completely before you store them away. A little rolling around on a paper towel gets most of the water, and the sun and nature usually takes away the rest in an hour or so.

    Clean, all lead, pellets are all that ever go down my bores. Cleaning an airgun bore in the same fashion you'd clean a powder gun bore is a big no no. Airgun barrels are made from softer material than powder guns, some are even made from brass. If you shoot clean lead pellets and store the airgun properly, there will seldom if ever be a reason to clean the bore. Airguns do not operate at high enough velocity to lead foul the bore.
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