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Discussion in 'AK Fest 2004' started by Ms Grumpy, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Ms Grumpy

    Ms Grumpy Administrator Admin Subscriber

    First, I have to start this out by first saying that I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write this. But we were all very whipped after the AK Fest.

    I would like to take a few minutes to Thank everyone for their help in making the AK Fest such an amazing event. What started as planning a small get together at my home turned into a gathering beyond any of our expectations.

    With that said - here is our story.

    The last week leading up to the AK Fest was filled with lots of last minute things to do. Making sure everything went smoothly, and that everyone had a great time was the biggest priority. The phone rang almost non-stop that week. Many of those calls came from members who were telling us they were coming and other calls with members asking if there was anything that they could do to help. We also received those calls from members who really wanted to be there but unfortunately could not come (Bigmac just wanted to let you know we missed you, and Gonefishin we hope that you did great on your exam). All of this while Grumpy was recovering from having a wisdom tooth pulled on Monday 2-16.

    As the week progressed everything was falling into place. Wardsweb had sent his equipment on ahead of him, and it arrived safe and sound on Wednesday. The door prizes were set, the food was arranged it was all clicking. I still had my fingers crossed that everything would go off without a hitch.

    Friday morning I went to work as Grumpy headed off to Metro Airport to pick up Wardsweb. The guys spent the day checking out the local record and audio stores. Kamakiri and Kam's wife arrived at the hotel Friday afternoon and finally caught up with Grumpy and Wardsweb about 6 p.m.. BillF had also arrived at the hotel and they were trying to decide where to go for dinner when Dingusboy and Echowar called, they said they wanted to drive up from Toledo, Ohio and go out to dinner with all of the AK members. So Friday night they all headed out to a local blues club called Memphis Smoke for good eats and great music! I unfortunately did not go, I was fighting a bad cold and I had alot of things still left to do for AK Fest. When Grumpy got home he said that everyone had a great time and really liked the band.

    Saturday started off very early. Grumpy went on ahead of me because I had to stop at Bauhausler's house to pick up a set of speakers that he repaired for Grumpy at the last minute. When I arrived at 8:30a.m. I had a very large van loaded with all of Grumpys equipment. We unloaded the van quickly because I needed to run back home and pick up my daughter so that she could help at AK Fest. Upon my return I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the lobby. Kam's wife and Botrytis's wife had set up the "welcome" table. WHEW ! One less thing for me to do..Thank You very much ladies.

    As the AK members arrived at AK Fest they were asked to sign in and were given a name tag and a door prize ticket. Members were also asked if they wished to purchase 50/50 raffle tickets or if they wanted to make a donation to AK.

    It was amazing, the members just kept coming. We even had people who had heard of the event from some of the local business that Grumpy frequented. We had a very eclectic group of people it was turning into the type of day that we all wanted. Many members spent alot of time checking out all of the gorgeous equipment that the vendors and the members brought, others just sat and listened to the beautiful music. But most of all, members of AK met their friends.

    During the day we also had other things going on - Here are some of the other happenings at AK Fest:
    1). Door Prizes every 1/2 hour
    2). 50/50 Raffle - the winner took home $112.00
    3). Lunch - Pizza, "Buffalo" Wings, Beverages and Sweets
    I just have to add in here that Kam and Kam's wife had the hardest job of all..They had to drive from Buffalo, New York smelling those delicious wings for 5 hours. I don't know if any of us could have done it. Good Job Guys!
    4). T-Shirts were for sale $20.00. During the last week of preparing for AK Fest we made the decision to have T-Shirts made with the AK logo. We were not sure we would sell alot so we only ordered 10, with the hopes we would sell most of them. Well we sold all of them and even took orders for more. If you are interested in a T-Shirt just let Grumpy know, we will be placing an order the first week in March.

    The day wrapped up around 5 p.m. with many members saying how much they enjoyed the AK Fest and asking if we will do this again. I am sure we will.

    One last goodbye....

    It was time to make plans for dinner. Initially we had planned to go downtown to Greek town for dinner and then go to the Greek town Casino. But as a few of the members pointed out, they had their vehicles packed with thousands of dollars of equipment and it might not be such a great idea to park them in downtown Detroit. So a Local late dinner at Texas Roadhouse was our final destination. Kam, Kam's wife, Wardsweb, RTR, RTR's wife, Bauh, Bauh's wife, Echo, Dingusboy, Grumpy and I were all surprised at how successful the day was. Bot and Bot's wife had wanted to stay for dinner but they were as exhausted as we all were they just had a long drive home. Bot we will do dinner sometime soon... After dinner we all said all of out goodbyes...till next time !

    There are so many people to Thank and we hope we remember everyone, now these are in no particular order and please forgive me if I misspell anyones name.

    Kevin from Bugtussel Speakers
    Thank you for bringing out some awesome transmission speakers

    John from Classic Audio Reproductions
    Thank you for bringing out his superb T5.5 speakers loaded with awesome TAD Drivers

    Craig from NOS Valves
    Thank you for all of his superb Amps and Klipsch Speakers

    Brian B from Venus HiFi
    Thank you for loads of cool gear! Too much to mention! Brian drove 6 hours straight, got in at 2a.m. and spent another 4 hours setting up his equipment all by himslf..We think it was worth it!

    Harry from Audio Dimensions in Royal Oak, Michigan
    Thank you for donating loads of Vinyl and CD's for door prizes

    Brian B from Venus HiFi
    Thank you for donating a set of Daramas and a Grado cartridge for door prizes

    On a Personal Note Grumpy and I need to Thank....

    Our son Matthew - For helping set up and breaking down all of Grumpy's equipment. Matthew also was eager to help anyone.

    Botrytis - for helping Matthew when he couldn't lift anymore

    Kamakiri & Wardsweb - For putting up with Grumpy and his millions of questions. AK Fest would not have been a success without the two of you..Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

    Kam's wife & Bot's wife - For working the "Welcome" table, and for selling T-Shirts and 50/50 tickets you made my job so much easier. Thank You Ladies !!

    Grumpy and I need to Thank everyone for their support. I hope that AK Fest was everything that you had hoped it would be. For us it was everything and more. We met a fantastic group of people and have made friendships that will last a lifetime.....Thank You so much !!


    I need to thank my wife. With out her lists and her poking and prodding to get things done, I could not have pulled this off without her. Thank you MsGrumpy.....



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  2. CarlV

    CarlV AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SF east bay
    What a great first post Ms Grumpy! As we say, Welcome Aboard!
    I seriously wish I could have been there to listen to the great
    music systems, and be face to face with my AK brothers and sisters. :)

  3. MikE

    MikE Color Me Gone

    RIP 1957-2017
    You and Grumpy ought to be the one's getting all the praise! Great job all-around. I'm sure I don't know the half of it. Just happy to share some gear and good times with my audio buddies! MikE
  4. ckelly

    ckelly Super Member

    Southern Hemisphere
    Hey Ms Grumpy :)

    You actually joined the forum after meeting all those weirdos? :D

    Welcome aboard to you and Mrs Kamakiri !!!

    I wish i were closer .. I would have loved to hang with you guys and girls

  5. JonTee

    JonTee Well-Known Member

    Msgrumpy, welcome, and congratulations on a great Fest. I know you and Grumpy worked very hard to bring this off.

  6. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    Glenwood, MD 21738
    A warm welcome, Ma'am, only sorry that attending the fest was out of the question for us, perhaps next time. Your report almost took me there.



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  7. Reel 2 Reel

    Reel 2 Reel Mad Dog Junkie

    Rockport Texas
    Mrs. Grumpy...welcome :wave:

    It was nice to meet you and Grumpy...... and Mrs. RTR and myself would like to thank you for all the hard work and effort that you,Grump ,Mrs Kam, and Mrs Botrytis did at AK-Fest....we had a Great time...The Kids were great also for helping out as much as they did...we know how hard it is to get kids to do anything these days!!...so we applaud them as well!!

    Thank you for the privelege of going to dinner with all of you. it was fantastic...and the food was ....MMMMMMMMMM delicious! Just wish we were there for the party the night before....oh well!!...

    We would also like to thank all the members that brought their gear to the event as well.....It was great moseyin' back and forth from room to room listening to the different styles and systems for a diverse mix that you couldnt get anywhere else....believe it or not ..that was the first time I really got a chance to hear tube equipment...and if it werent for all your hard work lugging all that great geer in I still would not have that pleasure...

    Again...it was all-in-all a great event and we are looking forward to the next one...

    Best wishes to you and yours............Gary and Judy Clayton...AKA Mr.and Mrs. Reel 2 Reel
  8. Mrs. Kamakiri

    Mrs. Kamakiri Wife of Founder

    Cheektowaga, NY
    I'm glad to hear that the our members enjoyed the AK fest. I have to be honest, I dont know too much about audio but I had a great time there.

    I really can't wait again until next year - Everyone did an amazing job and we are always willing to help out.

    But if were bringing the wings next year I can't guarantee that they wont be eaten on the way. :D
  9. Bauhausler

    Bauhausler Rational Subjectivist

    Detroit, more or less
    Ms Grumpy;
    Thanks for your extreme flexibility in handling a dozen quickly changing challenges coming at you from all sides as the event drew closer. You & Matt really came through. We expect that from Grumpy, of course. It's nice to see competence is a family trait. Of course as a manager you know the reward for a job well done: more work! Only the incompetent really ever get to rest.
    I think it's time for Matt to have his own handle. I recommend 'Grumpless' because he's in an unfailingly good mood even when he has to clean and jerk a big speaker and carry it through a crowd over his head as I saw him do. Wish I had a pic of that. What a trouper.
    Next year I promise to get my act in gear a little sooner. I was soldering on my amps the night before and didn't finish Grumpy's driver rebuild until 2:30 am Saturday. The silicone was still curing when Matt hoisted them into the van on the way to the hotel. Well, actually Echowars beat me on that count, field stripping and repairing a receiver in one of the exhibition rooms during the show. If it wasn't for the last minute, some things would never get done.
  10. BrianB

    BrianB AK Vendor Emeritus Moderator

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: It was my pleasure, really! :)
  11. BrianB

    BrianB AK Vendor Emeritus Moderator

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Out of curiosity, have you yet convinced Tim to purchase the Almarro system that I was showing off? ;)


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  12. Kamakiri

    Kamakiri The New Dynamic

    Buffalo, New York
    It's only going to be a matter of a month or two.....I guess I have to move some other gear first :eek:
  13. BrianB

    BrianB AK Vendor Emeritus Moderator

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Dr. Evil feels for you, Tim! Heh heh heh ... :naughty:
  14. NOSValves

    NOSValves Super Member

    I think that thanking us vendors is really not at all appropriate !! The thanks should all go to the people that worked so hard to put this event on and for Donations only ! I really think next year us venders should have to pay for the cost of are own space + and let the normal members get the donation only offer.

    But thanks for the thanks !


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