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    WARNING: this post is rated M for mature audiences. May contain mature language or sexual content.

    OK..OK...I know that I am a little late with this post but between recovering from the fest, working, and computer problems this is the first chance that I have had to give you guys a recap. Now I know that there have been allot of posts about the fest, but here is Grump's and I recall of events. Please no loud snoring...and no comments from the peanut gallery. Here we go.....

    Let me start by letting some of you in on a little secret. AKfest almost did not happen!

    Approximately 9 days before the fest, Wednesday April 1st, Grumpy got a phone call from the hotel manager telling him that there was a problem. Apparently the hotel had double booked OUR ROOMS. And, since the other event was booked first we were going to have to be moved. Our original contract was booked on November 22, 2004, with us having 11 small conference rooms on the main floor...How the Hell did they double book this and no one noticed until 9 days before the event? That hotel was not that big!!! Needless to say Grumpy called me at work and was not happy at all. The manager wanted us to come down and look at some other rooms that were available. I was at work till 3pm, the kids had bowling league from 4-6pm, so we went down to the hotel, with three little ones in tow, to look at these "rooms" they wanted us to use. There was no way in hell that anything he showed us was going to work (can you guys imagine if you had been in the lounge or VIP room? it would not work!). So then we started talking about actual hotel guest rooms. We proceeded upstairs to look at rooms on probably 5 different floors. All the while getting pushed off on different people because the "manager" was too busy to help us. We finally went back downstairs and talked to the manager, he asked exactly how many rooms did we think that we needed. Grumpy and I went outside to talk alone and I told him, based on all the vendors and members that we would need 22-23 rooms. So we went inside and told the manager..boy he was not happy..Tough Shit! So we went home and e-mailed the hotel with our requirements with the promise that the hotel would get us a new contract to sign on Thursday, the next day.

    All day Thursday, Grumpy spent calling vendors and members to tell them that the rooms were going to be different, all the while waiting for a call to say the contract was ready. Just a side note here....Every vendor that Grumpy talked to was VERY understanding (What a great bunch). Grumpy didn't really give a shit about the members thought cause they were all going to get their own room, he was more worried that the vendors would pull out (that would have been a nightmare). No call on Thursday from the hotel, Grumpy even tried calling and all the sales reps were gone for the day. By Friday morning he was fit to be tied, He pretty much told them at 11am "If I don't have a signed contract by tonight..then I want all my money back!" I worked until 4pm., nothing was faxed to me. When I got home he called again and was told that it was just faxed, so I went back to work, got the fax, signed it, sent it back and then came home. When I got home I realized that it was worded incorrectly and Grumpy called them again. He was told that it was really late why don't we do this on Monday...Grumpy's response.."BULLSHIT..this will wait till Monday". The hotel promised that someone would be at our house by 7pm with contract in hand...they showed up a little after 8pm. I have left alot of the other issues that we dealt with out. But I wanted to let you guys know why we were on the 12th floor and not on the main floor. I think it worked out...but boy was it work..whew!



    I worked 3:30am - 2pm so by the time I got home Tim & Steph were at my house. Ray was here also. Tim had bought some stuff for my son Matthew and they had unloaded all of it. Everyone was in the house listening to some music, Ray was annoying the hell out of Grumpy by playing Disco..yes I said Disco on Grumpys stereo. Tim, Steph and Ray went to the hotel to check in. Then all of them went out to dinner, I had cakes to bake.


    Friday was the first really crazy day for all of us. I went to work from 3:30am - 12:30pm. by the time I got home, Ernie was on his way to the airport to pick up Luther. In the process of Ernie going to the airport we found out that another member was arriving at approximately the same time, unfortunately we did not know alot of information other than it was Bob (Cabinover), and we had no way to get ahold of Ernie. We managed to get ahold of Luther, on his cell phone to tell him what was going on, but... Long story short, Bob was never found and ended up renting a vehicle.

    By Friday night alot of people were here..Tim, Steph, Ray, Luther, Ken Rimeny, Bill F, Craig, Punker, John Wolf, Gilbert, Mac and his wife Linda, Glen, Scott and many many more! Grumpy was at the hotel to get the master key about 6pm, he wanted to be able to let everyone get into their rooms as soon as he could. He was promised the key at approximately 6:30pm, then 8:30pm, then 10pm. Then was told Saturday morning at 8:30am he could have the key. Well as Grumpy was trying to get things straight, Tim and Steph ordered Pizza. I guess sometime around them eating they had a knock on the door, it was security (boy Tim not at the hotel for more than a day and your already in trouble.....), there had been a complaint that there was smoking in their room (the kicker is even with Grumpy in the room with these guys, they were still going downstairs to smoke). Well I guess the complaint came from a woman...well they ended up throwing the Bitch off the floor!! With all of this going on Grumpy did tell me that most of the vendors did come on Friday night to set up and most were able to get into their rooms. Grumpy came home about 11pm he still had to get his gear ready to load in the morning.


    1st day of the AKfest. Everyone had an early day, Grumpy and Matt left our house at about 7am to go and make sure that he could get the master key and to set up his room. I left the house about 8am and went directly to the lounge to unload all the food, pop, plates, cakes and everything else we needed for lunch for the next two days. By the way Thank you to everyone who brought a cooler..it really helped us alot! Grumpy started asking for the master key to all the rooms on the 12th floor approximately at 7:30am., at 8:30am he told them to give him the fucking key..and they did. Before the fest Tim had posted on AK that if anyone had walkie talkies that we would have them at the fest and they could bring them to help us keep in touch with each other. Well Scott (ARMY) brought 4 Pairs which helped us out so much. Thanks Scott!!
    Steph did a great job setting up the registration area..Thanks Steph! We were not sure how many people to expect, so imagine our surprise when the first hour was non-stop people. No one complained or questioned the $5.00 entry fee. We sold tickets for $1.00 each for a 50/50 raffle and $1.00 tickets for a raffle for one pair of NHT Model SB3 Speakers. We sold T-shirts, pop, water and had tables set up with all the door prizes, all in the registration room.
    All the guys were busy setting up their gear and we were busy making sure that everyone had everything that they needed. Everyone knew that if they needed something or someone they could come to the registration room and we would use the walkie talkies to find whatever they needed.
    Before we knew it, it was time to set up for lunch in the lounge. I had alot of help from my oldest kids. My oldest daughter Jennifer was a huge help in organizing the menus and doing the shopping. Saturdays lunch consisted of Pizza (I have a friend who gave AK an awesome deal), Salad, Pop, Cookies (donated by Becky, JimBecky's wife), Zuccini bread and cookies (donated by Stephanie), brownies and the AKfest cake (made by me). During Lunch is when the swap meet went on. As we were eating we had door prizes drawn and then Tim took the stage to talk to the members. Tim talked about how important all the raffles and donations are throughout the year. "We do those kind of things on AK so that we can do things like AKfest to give back to the members" Tim told the group. It was definitely a heartfelt speech. Fisherdude (Clay) picked up his bottlehead preamp (many people were drooling over that one). Member of the year was announced.....Echowars (Glen) and a plaque was given to him by Tim. Then Tim called up Scott (Army). Scott started reading a plaque which was a Lifetime achievement award. Imagine Grumpy's surprise when it went to him. He was definitely humbled by the award (at least for a minute or two). Tim finished off by having all the mods on stage and Thanking them as well as all the members.
    After lunch we all headed back upstairs for more great music. We continued to pull door prizes every hour. And people continued to arrive all day. Tickets were purchased all day. It was bigger and better than anyone of us could have imagined.


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  2. Ms Grumpy

    Ms Grumpy Administrator Admin Subscriber

    Our first 50/50 drawing was on Saturday at 4pm. And the winner is...I will post all the winners of all prizes at the end. The nice thing about the 50/50 was that AK got $93.00 and the winner got $93.00.
    Our hours on Saturday were planned to be 10am-6pm. Well we tried the shut things down at 6pm but people stayed and listened to tunes well past 6pm..which was great!
    There were so many people that it was hard for anyone to organize anything for dinner, especially on a Saturday night. So many people went their own ways. Tim and Steph jumped in the pool with a few other members. A group of us went out to Memphis Smoke, a local live music club a few miles away. We left our son Matthew on the 12th floor as "security". Matthew made sure all the doors were closed and that no one was there that wasn't supposed to be. He did a great job. Unfortunately when we got back from Dinner, approximately 11pm (long wait for a table for 12) we found out that many members wanted to get back into their rooms after dinner and could not because guess who had the key..Grumpy. I am sorry to everyone who could not get back into their rooms. This was not done intentionally, Grumpy just did not think that we were going to be gone that long, and I think he was so tired that he did not even think of leaving it.
    Well I don't know exactly what went on but I can tell you that I think that Ray and Grumpy's room must have been one of the few rooms open that night because I found a large quantity of empty beer bottles in that room the next morning....


    Sunday morning alot of us were dragging. So Grumpy suggested that I go to my work and pick up some bagels and coffee boxes. When I got back I had many happy people when I came in caring two boxes of coffee and bagels and cream cheese from Einstein's. Stephanie had everything ready again when we opened and she had already had people coming in the door before 10am. We started door prizes at 11 am. I went downstairs about 11:30am to set everything up for lunch. Lunch consisted of Deli Sandwiches, chips, pop, cookies, brownies, zucchini bread and another cake. When Grumpy came into the lounge he told me that I was the "mean" because as people started coming in I did not let them eat right away. This was our opportunity to get the group photo taken and I knew that if people started eating that not everyone would get into the pics. I have to say Thank you to my daughters boyfriend Mike, and my daughter Lacie. I had everyone who wanted pictures put their cameras up on the counter and the three of us just kept snapping pictures. Now it was time to eat.

    The swap meet again went on thru Lunch and more door prizes were drawn. Then back up to the rooms for a few more hours of great music and drooling over other members audio equipment. The day went by to quick, soon it was time to say good-bye. Some members were able to pack things up pretty quick, others were there until after 10pm packing and loading for a long ride home. When Grumpy got home about 10pm, we made the decision that I would go and check out of the hotel. So him and Matt unloaded his truck and I headed back in my little Honda Civic. Imagine my surprise when I opened my hotel room door to find ALOT of audio equipment in my room. Apparently my room was the room that all the left over swap meet items ended up in. Needless to say, I loaded my car then proceeded to go back and get Grumpy's truck and load that one too. There was alot of Shit in that room! hahaha I can laugh now, but I won't tell you what I was saying that night....

    There are so many people who need to be thanked that I really don't have the room. Most of you know who you are! They are all the people who took the time to organize AKfest. Most of all we need to Thank Tim, for starting a website years ago because of his love of vintage audio. Thanks to Luther for putting up with Grumpy. Thanks to all the ladies for bringing all the wonderful food. A big Thanks from all the members to my son Matthew. Matthew helped anyone who needed help, whether it was moving heavy equipment, or helping them pack up to go, Matthew was always willing to help. Thanks again Matt. And most of the all the members, whether you were there or not, you are what makes Audio Karma and AKfest 2005 something special!!

    Alot of things were going on all the time at AKfest. Some great, some not so great.
    But like the commercial says....
    What happens at AKfest....Stays at AKfest.......


    It was time to say goodbye to some more good friends. Grumpy was so tired that I volunteered to take Luther to the airport. I have had the pleasure of talking to Luther in the past, but our conversation on the way to the airport definitely made me understand why many members really like and respect this man. Luther I hope that you will always be a part of AK, because I know that Grumpy and I definitely consider you a friend for life. We are all glad you were able to come!

    We all had a great time. There were more people than I could have imagined. We had members from other sites show up, we had one of the managers of the hotel come up and check it out. We had people who had heard about AKfest from friends. I think that we figured that there were at least 140 people at the fest. And alot of those people were there for both days.

    Bottom line is...AKFEST WAS AWESOME!!!!

    Fast forward to a week later and Grumpy tells me that there is already talk of AKfest 2006. I know that there were people who had volunteered to do the fest next year. I would love to go away for a vacation somewhere. But, I will tell you it is ALOT of work. We originally did the fest because Grumpy is a stay at home dad and has the time to organize alot of things. If there is anyone who wants to do AKfest next year you need to let the administrators know now. Grumpy and I have talked and if we do AKfest next year that would be OK, if we don't that would be OK too. Any volunteers?????

    Thanks again for a great weekend....Hey just one question? I heard about a flashing..any truth to this?
  3. Ms Grumpy

    Ms Grumpy Administrator Admin Subscriber



    1) Album-Jazz at the Pawnshop / Gary (Reel2Reel)
    2) CD Sampler-Chesky 2K / Ski
    1) CD-Shubert Auckerman / ??
    2) Watch-Acoustic Research / Greg (Kruk)
    3) Banana Plugs / KRimney
    4) CD-BB King / JimBecky
    1) CD-Jay McShann / Ed Cobne (Squidward)
    2) McIntosh Polo Shirt / Gilbert
    3) Phono Pickup by Grado / Botrytis
    1) AK XL T-Shirt / Wardsweb
    2) Speaker Wire / Kegger
    1) CD-Blues / Piece it Pete
    2) Watch-Acoustic Research / Big Macc
    1) CD-Chesky 2K / Matt (my son)
    2) Isonode Anti-Vibration Feet / Mularone
    3) Optimus Speaker Stands / Mrs. Blohard
    4) Mac Attack (a Bottle of Whisky donated by Big Macc and signed by Big Macc) / Mrs. Kam

    50/50 DRAWING
    $93.00 / ANDYMAN


    1) Stylus Cleaner / Tentoze
    2) CD-Tom Petty / Jenn (my daughter)
    3) Audio Quest Record Cleaner / Styler
    4) CD-Pop Debris / Ms Grumpy
    5) Tango Audiophile double LP / BillFort
    1) McIntosh Hat / Andyman
    2) CD-Chesky 2K / ???
    3) Watch-Acoustic Research / Mrs. Bot
    4) CD-Bennie Wallace / JimBecky
    5) CD-U2 7 / Kamakiri
    6) Cable Wires / Tonedeaf
    7) Klipsch Coffee Mug / Big Macc
    8) Marantz 2215 / Mrs. Styler
    1) Record Cleaning Brush / Retro Stereo
    2) CD-Blues Quest / Tonedeaf
    3) CD-Jacintha / Jim Salk
    4) Inner Connects / Mrs. RetroStereo
    1) CD-Sociable / Army
    2) CD-Aerosmith / Jay Turner
    3) Watch- Acoustic Research / Andyman
    4) Grado Phono pickup / Dingusboy
    1) AudioKarma Hat / Mrs. R 2 R
    2) CD-Splendour Bag / Grumpy
    3) CD-Chesky 2K / Ann (Astryck)
    4) Record-Will the Circle be Unbroken / SKI
    1) McIntosh Pen / Army
    2) Watch-Acoustic Research / Punker
    3) Stereo Demonstration Record / HPSenicka
    4) Pioneer Stereo System / luvinvinyl (we listened to this system all weekend in the registration room)
    5) Bottle of Wine donated by Jim & Becky / Tubino
    6) Bottle of Wine donated by Jim & Becky / Grumpy's helper (traded to another for a different door prize)
    7) Antenna / LBPete

    $56.00 / Kamakiri (people cried "FIXED"...we will never know..hahaha)

    NHT Model SB3 Speakers (NICE)
  4. Dr. Strangelove

    Dr. Strangelove Super Member


    You mean that it actually worked? Damn! I sent the wrong system<g>.

    Seriously, I am glad that it satisfied the need. I only wish I had replaced the belts on the cassette before sending it.

    I listened to that amp and receiver from 1979/1980 to about a year ago.

  5. cabinover

    cabinover Dazed and Confused

    Vermont, USA
    About the airport pickup....

    Nancy, that was my fault and I'll take full responsibility. I guess I just got so caught up in the fact that I was going to this event that I missed a couple small details. Ya know, just tiny ones like:
    1. Nobody knew what I looked like.
    2. I didn't know anybody.
    3. Of course I'm coming from VT, Grumpy,...... by way of Albany,NY!

    I send my heartfelt thanks that Luther and another AKer were at the airport to retrieve my dumbass, even though we never hooked up.
    And I also send the same thanks to Grumpy for attempting to figure out my plans and which plane I was coming in on :thmbsp:

    You all did a fantastic job and I commend your efforts :yes:

    Thanks for all of the hospitality and the coffee Sunday morning, great to meet all of my friends out there in person, couldn't ask for a better group of people. Bob
  6. gonzp

    gonzp Klipschophile

    Very special bunch of folks on this website. I have found myself spending sooo much time here. When AK members say to leave your attitude at the door they mean it,and they practice it daily. I was not able to go to the fest this year :cry: To all of the members that took the time to post for all of us no-shows a huge thank you. :thmbsp: I have played a part in putting on similar events and there are always the folks that talk and there are the folks that do. There seems to be many more doers on this forum. A heartfelt congratulations for another successful event I am truly honored to be a part of this community. :beerchug:



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  7. MikE

    MikE Color Me Gone

    RIP 1957-2017
    Wow! Thanks for all the behind the scenes info! It's amazing how people screw stuff up, and it's even more amazing that people like you make it work inspite of it! You two are awesome!!! Anymore you have to ask the "dumbest" questions just to make sure other people do their job!??? Sorry I couldn't make it. Are you planning on the same weekend for next year's AK-Fest? Hope to be there! MikE
  8. NOSValves

    NOSValves AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Come on we know what you ladies were there for :naughty: ;)

  9. tentoze

    tentoze Twangophile

    Somewhere Else
    Best AKFest 2K5 pic everrrrrrr...............

  10. CarlV

    CarlV AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SF east bay
    Thanks for the outstanding write up!!! :)

  11. NOSValves

    NOSValves AK Subscriber Subscriber


    You have no idea how hard it was to hold that one back for the right moment :banana: he he



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  12. DaWoofer

    DaWoofer Super Member

    Elkhart IN
    Thanks for this post as I enjoyed being filled in on some of what i missed. It brought me a little closer to those who were involved in making it all happen. I hope its in Michigan again next year so I can attend. Just couldnt make it happen this year. Glad you all had so much fun and it went off so well.
  13. Kegger

    Kegger R.I.P. 1/12/1966 - 6/1/2017 Super Mod

    I'll admit it right up front I'm not a planner but a good helper!

    And what you guy's went through to plan this thing was amazing to say
    the least. And I for one would definatly help in the gathering for next year
    if it's held in michigan again!

    By the way even though the plans got changed to the 12th floor I think it
    was a very nice setup that everyone had there own room.
    Sure some of the larger speakers could of used larger rooms but I think the
    individual rooms worked out excelent.

    How does the hotel feel about us and the room situation?
    Would they want us back next year? And if so how do you feel they would
    want to set us up? the same with the 12th floor? any complaints?

    Just trying to get and understanding of what maybe could happen next year.
    I only live about 15 minutes from the hotel and would definatly help out!

    You did an awsome job on this thing with a tion of work! And I think it went over great!

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