Akai 2600 with AR92

Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by Nos, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Nos

    Nos New Member

    First time posting here, i am always tweaking my setup and looking for new things but this is it currently. In my rec room where i do most of my listening. Set up is.
    Esoteric cd-z5000
    Akai stereo tuner AT-2600
    Akai stereo amplifer AM-2600
    Taya belt drive LP-100 turntable
    Acoustic Research AR-92 speakers

    I also have a Dual 1225 turntable with Technic stereo reciver SA-80 running through Bravo audio V2 headphone amp with JBL S700 headphones in my rec room this gets Alot of play. And final is a small sony set up in my room,
    Sony PS-LX430
    Sony STR-AV320
    RCA 5 disc CHanger
    Sony bookself speakers

    Most of my stuff is all silver face. It is my personal fav but the sony does look super clean in all black, i will post pictures later. Any thoughts or opinions on my system.


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  2. mark warren

    mark warren Always Learning! Subscriber

    southern USA
    sounds nice. welcome to AK..........

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