Akai-AA-6600 help

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Groove-man, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Groove-man

    Groove-man New Member

    Hello, I have an akai-aa-6600 receiver that has an odd problem I can't find any good info on. The right channel will work for an indeterminate amount of time. Then it will just spontaneously start Crackling, sometimes the audio will cut off sometimes not. When I shut it off and turn it back on both channels will work then repeat above. (This is through both speakers and headphones) I'm not sure if its worth fixing, but I would like to try. Thanks!


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  2. mbz

    mbz Super Member

    Melbourne, Victoria
    Schematic and owners manual are on hifiengine

    Usual candidates in this case would be bad solder connection or failing transistor.
    Google dry solder joints for pix.

    The schematic has 2SC458 used in the pre/power and psu. The 2SC458LG has a strong
    history of going noisy, check if this variant is loaded. Commonly referred to as
    "outhouse" shaped, also note that it is the beveled face which is the front, not the
    flat face with part number, pinout is ecb, replace with KSC1845.
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  3. Groove-man

    Groove-man New Member

    I figured it would be a transistor, I'll check the ones you mentioned. I'll also take a good look at the soldering. Hopefully I can get her going again, Thanks!

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