Akai AP-206C turntable and Akai AM-U01 amplifier, which speakers?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Thijme94, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Thijme94

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    Some time ago my grandfather gave me a Phillips turntable and some vinyl records, I used that for some time, and bought some more records. But the turntable is unfortunately broken now, so I bought a second hand Akai AP-206c turntable for 25 euros and Akai AM-U01 amplifier for 30 euros. But I am now looking for some good speakers I can use with this set-up, does anyone have a good suggestion on which kind of speakers to use? I'm willing to spend about 100 euros on a good pair of speakers.

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. thilaseen

    thilaseen Super Member

    Don't know the amp but I have that TT in my collection and can say you did well for 25 Euros. Depending where you are in the Euro zone (I guess Netherlands?) there are plenty of options on Ebay and from what I see the prices are way better than I can do here in Aus. I drool over what could be.:D Seems that a lot of what I see is not often mentioned on AK. Sorry I can't be specific on what you should be looking for but if you locate a prospect, post details here and I'm sure you'll get many opinions. Good luck.
    And welcome to AK.
  3. melofelo

    melofelo Addicted Member

    london, uk

    25 euros is a good score for a 206c.:thmbsp:
    You might need some relatively high efficiency speakers with the Akai amp as it's probably a 30 watter or thereabouts.
    Kef , B&W, Mordaunt Short, Monitor Audio, Wharfedale, Celestion , Mission and many others all offered some great speakers in the mid 80's to early 90's that can be found well within your budget and should still sound excellent even by today's standards.:yes:
  4. Gang-Twanger

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    If I remember correctly, that amp is stable down to 4ohms. So, despite it's low 30wpc rating, it should be fine with a large number of speakers. You could basically choose anything from 30-50wpc. It just depends on what sort of speaker-sound you favor, what kind of music you usually play, and how big the room is.

    With a budget of 100 euros, you're best off looking for used speakers. The well-known brands like JBL, Altec, and that sort of thing will fetch much-higher prices than the brands that fall under the radar.
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