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Akai GX260D new in box

Discussion in 'Tape' started by 2spike, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. 2spike

    2spike Member

    Toledo ohio
    can someone tell me if this is a good RtR also would it be worth 150.00?


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  2. audiojones

    audiojones Jonesin' for audio Subscriber

    Central NJ
    Yes and yes IMO. Just because it’s in the original box doesn’t mean it’s unused though, also anything that old whether it’s new or used will surely need some work by now. Very often original owners put equipment back in the original box because it stopped functioning too (run into that more than once). Definitely worth checking out though.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  3. sixthday

    sixthday Super Member

    NIB worth more than 150.
  4. MRL_Audio

    MRL_Audio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    St. Chuck, MO
    As audiojones pointed more than likely will some work just based on age... new or not. May function but should be looked at. I bought an old M8 that worked as it was found. Still took the time to rebelt and lubricate the unit. Made some adjustments and it has worked fine since. I need to recap it at some point and because of it's age never leave it plugged in.

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