ALESIS RA-100 AMP question

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by PioneerShawn, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. PioneerShawn

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    Bought a brand new Alesis amp for my keyboard a long time ago. It's still new. Plugged it in, used it maybe 5 times and left it plugged in for about 4 months. Turned off. One day, went to use it, one channel is out.
    I hear that there is some type of circuit that was prone to be a problem. One I can buy and put in myself. Not sure what it was or where it is on the board. Anyone heard of this issue? Something that was an inferior part. Relay maybe? Can't recall as I read the article a long time ago. Want to get it fixed. It's like NEW! New unused condition. I never bothered to send it back to Alesis in the warranty period time so I am to blame on that one.


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