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AM FM DX Link-o-rama

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by timoteus, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght

    I came across this link while googling useful tuner and DX related sites. I was thinking about starting a thread that would be a one stop shop for all things having to do with equpment, AM-FM and DX. Why don't we all throw in a few of our favorite links even if it is already on this master list. It could end up being a great resource.

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  2. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght

  3. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght

  4. txsviking

    txsviking Active Member

    NW Houston, TX
    Great Info. I just sent this to my Cuz. In MI. He is also an AK member but busy with
    work for now. I'm not sure if his DX rig has been repaied yet. I'll know soon.
  5. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght

  6. Mark W.

    Mark W. Nut house of the Universe

    Silverton, Oregon
    have you checked out the MIT radio finder site it has a map of the stations reciption area with three levels shown. Plus Longitute and Latitude for the transmitters.


    great stuff for DXing


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  7. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght

  8. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght

  9. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght

  10. OvenMaster

    OvenMaster RIP Mommy 1935-2018 Subscriber

    Area Code 413
    I LOVE this one! :yes: Set it up right and you can have a saveable/printable list of everything within the radius of your choice.
  11. timoteus

    timoteus Dnt thnk twice its alrght


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  12. KB9KXH

    KB9KXH Active Member

    if you want to see a really cool site go to www.dxtuners.com they have high quality receivers set up all over the world which you can control from your computer to listen to all types of communications.
  13. Vitopanch

    Vitopanch Super Member

    Asbury Park
    Very nice site, thanks.
  14. Vitopanch

    Vitopanch Super Member

    Asbury Park
    I just discovered an article on phasing to null out strong and/or adjacent channels. admitedly I will need to read this about 10 times to fully digest it, however, with the upcoming crowding it could prove handy;


    Click on the antenna phasing link once there;

    On FM I now have 20 area stations broadcasting HD radio. See my new updated listing. This development has knocked the wind out of my FM Dxing after 32 years of FM Dxing from this location. That's 40 additional adjacent channels that are not DXable except for the strongest tropo. I'll continue to DX when possible, but I know my best DXing days are gone forever. How do I barely survive? I survive with antenna phasing.

  15. RxDx

    RxDx Speaker collector Subscriber

    Virginia, the colonies
    Some serious DIY antennas, though mostly for the Australian bands.

    The FM band antenna (the ZL) can be modified for the US band by multiplying all dimensions by 1.07 (105 divided by 98- center frequency for Australian FM band, center frequency for the US band)

  16. drewbolce

    drewbolce Audio Analyist

    Oak Ridge, TN USA
    Here is a new FM radio locator web site. Gives the strength of signal in dbm from your location and much more. Draws a circular plot with direction and signal strength. Has a downloadable Google Earth file with all of the US FM antenna locations. Pretty sophisticated.



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  17. EscapeVelo

    EscapeVelo Charleston, SC

    Charleston SC
  18. Nick_G

    Nick_G Active Member

    Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK
  19. fmdxantenna.com

    fmdxantenna.com Forums Sponsor Sponsor

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  20. Yazdgerd

    Yazdgerd New Member

    Downers Grove, IL, USA
    Attempt to resurrect a dead thread beginning.....NOW

    I have been an active AM, FM, and SW DX'er since I was around 8 years old. I started out on a sharp multiband radio and slowly moved to bigger and better things...

    It is a shame that this thread hasn't gotten more replies and personal testimonies- one of my greatest enjoyments growing up as a kid was tuning around on the AM dial late at night while reading various books and magazines, sometimes until 2 in the morning!

    The Chicagoland area is somewhat clear for DX, some of the most commonly heard
    stations are:

    600: WMT Cedar Rapids, IA
    650: WSM: Nashville, TN
    700: WLW Cincinnati, OH
    740: CFZM: Toronto, CA
    750: WSB Atlanta, GA
    770: WABC NYC (rare, usually wiped out by AM 780 WBBM)
    830: WCCO: Minneapolis, MN
    840: WHAS Louisville KY (Depend on it!)
    850 KOA Denver, CO
    860 (Some Francophone station out of Montreal)
    870 WWL New Orleans, LA
    1040: WHO Des Moines, IA
    1100: WTAM Cleveland, OH
    1140: WRVA: Richmond, VA
    1510: WLAC Nashville, TN

    There are probably a few more that I have forgotten, maybe I will add them later. These can be listened to pretty much every night with even the most basic radio for the clear channel ones (most of them are if not all); radios with dual ferrite AM bars work well as well as ones with external antenna jacks, which allow for the plug-in and setup of a wire array that you can sling out of your window. A good long wire slung high with a slingshot or bow and arrow works wonders for receive- I probably tripled my reception of foreign SWL stations as well as a major increase in the number of hams I could pick up...

    It doesn't take a lot of money at all but it may take a little ingenuity, but radio DX'ing is a great hobby- I would recommend it to anyone on here who is intrigued by faraway stations beckoning from the ionosphere and beyond...

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