Amplifier Distortion, DC-Offset, and You!

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by EchoWars, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. 363watt

    363watt New Member

    Carver M500t -1.5mvdc right channel 64mvdc left channel.
    No issues with sound quality. Inverted style amplification internal wiring.
  2. DrTebi

    DrTebi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just checked my "new" Accuphase P-300L. Came to me from HifiDo in Japan, who said that it was checked through by Accuphase last year.
    DC offset is 0.3 mV on the left channel, and -0.4 mV on the right channel. I suppose that's quite good :) Love that pretty little monster :)

    My Sony TA-3200F measured a bit differently... I just did a full recap on it (it had some weird noise in the left channel). I am now measuring:
    9 mV on the right channel
    between 0 and 35 mV on the left.
    The left channel is constantly fluctuating. Does that mean there is something wrong?

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