Amplifier recommendations for Infinity 2500 speakers?

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by ChefE, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. ChefE

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    Orange County, California
    IMG_1129.JPG Hello AK.
    I have a set of Infinity 2500 speakers. I've searched the Internet for information and specs. Turns out there is not much info or peoples experience with the 2500's. Found out they are 4 ohm and rumored to have been created specifically for a Southern California chain of stereo shops back in the day.
    The speakers have a unique sound that I'm having difficulty finding words to describe them. They come off muddy and lacking detail, and for some reason I find myself intrigued, almost addicted to their odd output. Currently they hooked up to a temporary system for experimenting; a Dual c830 and rotating receivers: Wintec R-1120, Sansui 8900ZDB, G-7700, QRX-777.
    Anyone have experience or information regarding the speakers?
    What amplifier/ receiver would be a nice match for the Infinity 2500 speakers?


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  2. GerryS

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    Lake Villa, Il
  3. crazy-in-az

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    Kingman, Arizona
    They shouldn't be lacking in detail unless something is wrong. GerryS suggested the tweeters are blown. Do they have a fuse on the back near the speaker wire inputs? If that is blown then the tweeters won't work. They may also need to be recapped.

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