Another once-proud product name (Marbles Knives) takes a tumble....

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by MaxxVolume, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Although they`ve slipped from my radar over the years, when I was a kid, Marbles was a well-respected producer of good-quality "Hunting knives", or "Sheath knives" (using a term like "fixed-blade" would likely have gotten you branded as homosexual back in those days). Along with Case and Schrade (this was still the pre-Buck craze days), they pretty much dominated the "working man`s knife" market....

    Anyway, I was quite disappointed to see a current offering from this once-respected looked for all the world like a Pakistani-made (cheap) "Damascus" type knife that you would find at a flea market, selling for around 25 bucks.... what a shame....


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    ^^^^Yep they have been making knifes in China for years! It's a shame too, I go by what I think is there org. factory in the UP of Michigan when on vac.
    Here is a end of one of there recent offerings, I bought this new online but should have sent the dam thing back. You wounder how they can let is chit go.
    knife end 001.JPG

    That said I pulled the trigger on a new Boker Tree Solingen fixed blade on Friday night . Not expecting any quality issues from them.;)
    Really stoked, and will post some pic's when it gets here.


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