Any Audiosource fans here?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Hanleyster, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Hanleyster

    Hanleyster ambitious but rubbish

    Just wondering what most people thought of this brand.

    I have an AMP TWO with the cool little watt meters and a EQ with really fun lights.

    I enjoy how small the amp is, and that it has both auto-on and can be bridged with the flick of a switch.



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  2. captouch

    captouch AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bay Area, CA
    I have an Amp 300 - dirt cheap on sale at Frys several years ago and despite the spotty reviews due to iffy relability, it's been rock solid for me. I use it to power the front channels of my HT system.
  3. Drumolator

    Drumolator Super Member

    Plaucheville, LA
    I have an AudioSource Model Amp One/A and really like it. I use it to power the subwoofers in my living room system, crossover supplied by the AVR. Peace and goodwill.
  4. xero-D-hero

    xero-D-hero Super Member

    Have an AudioSource EQ100 on my basement workshop system,bought it new back in '04 when I bought the receiver it's connected to (JVC RX-318B) as I was replacing gear I had lost in a fire that year,it's been a reliable unit,though admitedly it has'nt seen a ton of use/abuse,but it does what I want it to,so for the most part I'm happy enough with it.

    Dunno if that makes me a fan or not ???

    Anyhow JM2¢ ~ FWIW...

    Bret P.
  5. RebelKat

    RebelKat Resident Tiger

    Living room system right now has a Nikko beta-40 pre into an Audiosource amp 1/a and an Audiosource EQ 100. I like them very much.
  6. Darksyde

    Darksyde Well-Known Member

    New York City
    I have an Audiosource amp 100 that I use on one of my computer setups. It's my most used amp .


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  7. kve777

    kve777 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    South Jersey, near Philly
    I've never had a bad AudioSource piece. Decent sleeper brand. Just don't tell anybody!;)
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  8. BeerLegs

    BeerLegs Super Member

    I'm listening to two AMP 100's that I bridged for 160 wpc. Right now, I have them set up at my mother's house along with a Sansui AU-555A for the pre amp, a HH Scott T527 tuner that I picked up this weekend and a pair of Polk 5b's. The Polks didn't sound that great when just using the 555a, but the two AMP 100's woke them up and they sound very good. They like that power. Picked up the amps last year for $20 a piece. They are 50 wpc 2 channel and 160 watts bridged mono and a whole different sounding animal.
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  9. Tape Echo

    Tape Echo Active Member

    I've got an Amp One/a. It sounds a little dark compared to my other amps. It's very nice to use bridged to power a subwoofer.
  10. JR Harley

    JR Harley AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hello all-
    I saw this thread and thought I'd post a big shout out to the folks at AudioSource. I have an SS-5 surround processor from AudioSource that I am repairing since it has developed a few issues. I couldn't find a schematic for the unit anywhere, so on a lark I thought I'd just email them and see if they would make one available. I really didn't expect them to reply. Low and behold they sent me one! They were really cool about it and it has been very helpful! I can speak very well of the service at AudioSource!
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  11. blhagstrom

    blhagstrom Mad Scientist, fixer. Subscriber

    Duvall, Washington
    A true sleeper brand.
    I found out they are local up here.
    Met an emoloyee.

    PNW is a bit whacky, but friendly.

    FWIW. I got some home theater gear they made. Serious looking stuff. Pre-amp/amp separates. I haven’t had a chance to try them, just did a DOA test and set them aside.


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  12. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
    I have a Model 8 EQ series II that does the job quite nicely.
  13. Lo-Fidelity

    Lo-Fidelity AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have an amp very similar to the OP. Bought it to use when I drag the speakers out on the yard.

    Unfortunately it has an intermittent channel drop out issue so it sits on the shelf for now.
  14. OMGCat!

    OMGCat! AK Subscriber Subscriber

    El Sereno, CA
    I've got a Speakercraft amp which apparently is the same OEM as Audiosource and found the thing is built like a tank. A big toroid and three pairs of outputs that can drive two ohm loads. Pretty impressive for an 80wpc amp.
    Sounds nice too though it's a bit bright for my tastes.
  15. Lo-Fidelity

    Lo-Fidelity AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just to follow up in case any of you AudioSource guys might have a problem.

    I had a problem with intermittent channel drop out that was driving me crazy. Before I kicked her the street I thought I’d take one more look.

    The intermittent channel drop out was coming from the protection relay.

    I had the cover off waiting for the drop out. When the channel dropped out, I tapped the relay pretty hard with a wooden dowel, and presto, the channel was back.

    Getting the relay cover off was a challenge, but I was successful without pulling the relay off the board. Ultimately had use the Dremel with a tiny ball mill bit to cut the retaining tab on one side.

    Cleaned with Deoxit on cardboard which was not effective. Wet a folded over piece of 600 grit sand paper with Deoxit and gently cleaned.

    Unit has been operating all day without any dropouts.
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  16. Nightwisher

    Nightwisher Farer In The Goldilocks Zone Subscriber

    South Carolina
    I had an AMP 200. Very good build quality and could handle some tough speakers.


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