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Any Ford 6.0 nuts around here.

Discussion in 'Wheels, Wings, Mud, and Water' started by jaymanaa, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. jaymanaa

    jaymanaa RIP 1961-2018

    Don't want to start a debate about who has the best diesel pickup, just wondering if there are any other 6.0 guys around. I've had mine for a couple years, and have pretty much taken care of the usual weak links, like the STC fitting, oil rail o-rings, etc........ Just recently though, I got in it and it didn't want to start. I had my scanner in already, so I looked and had 48v FICM power, well over 1000psi high pressure oil pressure, and it will hit about once every revolution. Cranking speed is good, at 180 RPM, and batteries are fully charged. The only thing I can't read on my scanner is FICM sync, so of course that's what I'm guessing, and I'm probably wrong. It's got 107,000 exactly on the clock, so I think I'll change out the camshaft and crankshaft position sensors to see if that does the trick, and cal it preventive maintenance if it doesn't. :) Anyone else around here, own, or work on these beasts?


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  2. Shadowdog

    Shadowdog Super Member

    Flin Flon, Manitoba
    Maybe check the Lift Pump!
    Jay I think there are a couple of forums on the SD, & I did read if you got rid of all the EGR & other stuff plus install APR head studs they can be really reliable as
    after all they are an IH engine. Maybe you legally can't do that where you are, but you could do the head studs for sure. You should be able to convert to a totally mechanical
    DI fuel pump with matching injectors for total reliability as you would have no electronics , so totally bulletproof. Use could use the 89-97 Cummins 5.9 as an example for that system.

    The Common Rail system on the 6.4 would more reliable than your system also, but still electronic. The later 6.7 might have the best of that type of system. Everyone uses the common rail
    system now days.

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