Any ideals why Yamaha hasn't offered a new turntable??

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by bergun, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. bergun

    bergun Active Member

    Seattle-Tacoma Area
    OK, I,know it's been asked before, but I've been wondering why Yamaha hasn't offered any new matching turntables for their Basic A-S701/801 and their top of the line A-S2100/3000 integrated amps. I feel that vinyl is somewhat of a fad, but most people who will spend money on any of Yamaha's mid-line to top of the line audio equipment are most likely die-hard music lovers with large collections of vinyl that will be will kept for years and years beyond any hipster fad.

    I believe that most of us are "baby-boomers" or early "gen x-ers," but now we're in our peak earning years and often having the income to purchase nicer audio equipment. To be honest, I'm basically done with purchasing classic used audio equipment from the 70s and 80s, so I wouldn't mind spending the money on a nice Yamaha turntable to go with my A-S801... Even if it's contracted out to another manufacturer, but to Yamaha's specs AND quality controls AND badged "Yamaha." Like most, if not all of their newer equipment anyway, so to me, contracting out doesn't seem like a show stopper.

    With all that said, is tthere some reason(s) why Yamaha hasn't made this move?? I know that Yamaha has been out of the turntable market since the mid to late 80s, but as a true leader in today's two-channel audio market, "I" can't see why they haven't moved into this direction... I looked at Onkyo's new turntable, but wasn't impressed by it at all. I know that Music Hall, Rega and others offer outstanding turntables, like the new Technics MK-1200s, so "I" truly believe that there is a strong market here in the U.S. for a Yamaha turntable.

    I know it's not going to happen, but it's nice to dream!! And I'll most likely end up with a Rega turntable.


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  2. OMGCat!

    OMGCat! AK Subscriber Subscriber

    El Sereno, CA
    I've kinda wondered the same thing. I've also wondered why they don't put out separates to compliment the high end NS speakers. It would be cool to be able to buy a new B(something) and C(something) pair even if it was fairly expensive.

    More than likely they've done the research and figured that it's not worth the effort.
  3. Roboturner91

    Roboturner91 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SW Indiana
    I've wondered this myself too - but like a lot of people who wondered, it's not like I would go right out in a rush to buy one. Maybe that's why. It's such a niche audience. Technics and Audio Technica get the DJs and wannabe DJ crowd, Music Hall, U-turn, etc. get the hi-fi crowd, I mean, what's left? Diehard Yamaha fans, sure, but is that enough to justify retooling for a new factory line?
  4. mbz

    mbz Super Member

    Melbourne, Victoria
    Undoubtably comes down to the numbers, who would buy a yamaha TT against other boutique brands on the market, only the die hards (=not
    enough). Nice to dream about a new B(something) and C(something) again the market is too small with the focus/sales still in HT. Lets
    congradulate yamaha for holding true and giving us the option of the A-Sxxxx range, which, sadly I can't afford. So I'm stuck buying past
    icons then lumbered with refurbishment and the subsequent listening enjoyment...
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  5. Raynald

    Raynald Addicted Member

    There would of course be exceptions, but in general most people wanting to buy a turntable would go with a company that was known for their TTs. Back when I was selling Yamaha I had to special order my PF-800. Yamaha Canada had little interest in importing and distributing them. I could see why. Whenever I mentioned the PF-800 or PF-1000 to someone shopping for a TT there was pretty close to zero interest. Today they might fare a bit better but probably not enough to make it worthwhile. Technics had the backstory to make a new TT sellable, not sure about Yamaha.
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  6. elrod

    elrod AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Littleton, CO
    Could just be a corporate decision - how many widgets do we have to sell and at what price to make a decent profit to pay off the development and the shareholders...
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  7. Jygesq

    Jygesq Well-Known Member

    i have a high end yamaha TT P-x 3. It is rarely used, I favor my Marantz SAs1 sacd player. No snap ,pops. My PX 3 with grace f9e may sound better, but I really do not notice. and not worth the hassle.
  8. 808_state

    808_state Well-Known Member

    I tend to think if they pulled out all the stops it would be a Japan only unit. I'm thinking "GT-5000" in piano black :D
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  9. stevo137

    stevo137 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It's all about a long term profitable unit that complies to their standards and that does not include turntables at this point.

    Yamaha does not waste time on launching products that are sub par or won't sell.

    Not saying they are perfect, but on a much higher level than most companies.
  10. bjlefebvre

    bjlefebvre AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Washington DC-ish
    They might be able to do something if they tie it to their current crop of amps. The A-Sxxx lines are fairly popular - I really like the A-S801 I have - and maybe marketing something like a TT-801 or whatevs would draw some of that crowd.
  11. gizzyman47

    gizzyman47 Super Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if Yamaha comes out with a top flight turntable. Companies with deep pockets the likes of Yamaha can afford to come out with a statement product that says "Hey were back" They can afford to fail. They had a reputation for high quality audio products back in the day. With the new audio gear they are producing now, I think the next logical step would be to come out with a turntable. I don't think the current vinyl resurgence is just a fad thats going to fade away. Sure, its never going to go back to the sales figures we saw back before the invention of the CD, but there hasn't been a better time to get back into vinyl or to buy a quality table than the present. The more, companies like Technics, Marantz, Denon and such come out with a table "even if its made by someone else" whats to stop a company the likes of Yamaha from coming out with their own? I sure hope they do! I would love to see what they could come up with. Something along the looks of their current offerings "modern lines with a touch of vintage" would be great! Well Yamaha, what are you waiting for?


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  12. onepixel

    onepixel .

    A new Yamaha turntable and speakers would be awesome!
  13. J Hendrix

    J Hendrix New Member


    There are rumours of a prototype Yamaha turntable.....
  14. Alobar

    Alobar Pulling out of the Last Chance Texaco.. Subscriber

    SE Alaska
    I'm always astounded at the complexity that goes into a turntable. Making one that can compete performance wise would be one thing, making it turn a profit might be something else.
  15. 808_state

    808_state Well-Known Member

  16. Mr. Yamaha

    Mr. Yamaha Not so much Yamaha lately...

    Amsterdam Area, The Netherlands
    The straight tonearm without offset angle concerns me a bit, I wonder whether there are still some people with turntable knowledge at Yamaha :idea:

    Or is it meant to be that you create the offset by placing the cart offset in the headshell? I doubt it.

    My guess is, it won't come near the GT-2000(L)(X).



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  17. mkane

    mkane AK Subscriber Subscriber

    103 miles N. of S.F.
    Or the Technics 1200G
  18. savatage1973

    savatage1973 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    The speakers are already out there and quite impressive, but also quite expensive and not offered in the North American market.
  19. 808_state

    808_state Well-Known Member

    That prototype is allegedly a belt drive but for me a GT should be direct drive. I wonder if they don't actually have the patent to the original Victor designed motor. I'm sort of hoping they would take a cue from Technics and design or commission a motor on the level of the new SL-1200 but I doubt they'll kick in the funds. I seriously want those feet for my GT. I'm ready for a part number on those. It would also be cool if they brought back the YGT-1 gunmetal platter as an option.

  20. Passat

    Passat New Member

    The GT-5000 will be shown at IFA Berlin, Germany along with the new Pre-/Power C-5000/M-5000.
    All 3 are on the german website of Yamaha.
    Expected prices (incl. german VAT of 19%) are:
    GT-5000 5000,- Euro
    C-5000: 7000,- Euro
    M-5000: 7000,- Euro

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