Anybody using gear 30+ years old that hasn't been restored?

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by sberger, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    Vancouver, B.C., Canada
    Yes! :biggrin:

    Yamaha CR 2020---Luxman L-410
    Sansui XP-99---------Luxman L-430
    KEF 104ab---------Luxman PD-277
    Stax SR-40--------Yamaha NS 690-----NS 70T


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  2. corbin

    corbin Active Member

    Never have restored any of my solid state gear, not against it, just haven't needed to.

    Though I feel too many over-restorations alter the original voicing.

    EDIT: Though I'm sure my solid state gear from 60s and 70s would benefit from some conservative preventative maintenance - adjusting bias, measuring and replacing out of spec components. In most cases I don't think wholesale gutting and replacement of all capacitors is necessary or desirable, especially on high end pieces that used quality components originally. And replacing non-wear items like film caps or output transistors is just silly.
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  3. A/D/Slover

    A/D/Slover Active Member

    South Shore LI NY
    dozens of peices here ....10 or more nikko separates brystons lots of a/d/s speakers polk monitor 10s wharfedales b&w Dozens more....

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  4. UncleBingo

    UncleBingo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Yep. Scott 110 tube tuner. Brought up slowly on variac. Sounds amazing.
  5. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
    I think the more appropriate question here is who isn't.
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  6. gslikker

    gslikker Super Member

    Close to Alkmaar, Netherlands
    One will not hear a difference, when gear sound deterioration goes at exactly same pace as ear deterioration ;)
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  7. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    The 12" Zenith full range drivers in these OB's are 60 years old and have never been re-foamed. Actually they don't have conventional surrounds as the cone extends all the way to the edge. Their alnico motors have never been recharged nor do they need it. Today they sound better than they did in 1958 as they no longer reside inside a console.

    P1010019 2.jpg
  8. TomBig58

    TomBig58 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Most I have just changed the oil, flushed the radiator, and put back on the road. A couple I just filled with gas and took to the track. A couple that just needed taillights or some bolts tightened, and some that are stored in the barn awaiting a once over because they just ain't running right.
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  9. jlh3rd

    jlh3rd Active Member

    161 SX 780, a PL 518, and dynaco A30xl’s , all purchased in 1978 and running., I did replace the rca jacks on the TT.
  10. HarmanKardon

    HarmanKardon Tubes still smell funny Subscriber

    Schwarzwald, Deutschland
    I have a lot of such gear.

    My 1962 Radionett "Kvintett" stereo tube radio, made in Norway, for example. Has never been touched inside apart from some dusting, and I still use it a couple of times monthly in order to listen to Jazz recordings from that time or even older.
  11. Harvestor

    Harvestor Super Member

    OHM model I ...... ( 1979 )
    OHM model C2 ..... ( Re-foamed )
    Technics SA 600.....( 1978 )

    Cerwin Vega's D9 ( 1986 ) ( Re-foamed )......
    PD9 ( 1988 )

    Kenwood kr-V95 ( 1986 )
    DP-850 cd player ( 1986 )
    Realistic 10 Band EQ ( 1983 )


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  12. gadget73

    gadget73 junk junkie Subscriber

    Southern NJ
    I think I'm down to a Sherwood S-3300 in the 30+ and unrestored category these days. I'm not totally sure when the amp I run in the garage was made, but its some 1980s vintage Kenwood 100w thing. No clue what model. Found it on the side of the road and it works fine. Preamp needed a re-cap to function though.

    I usually run stuff until it gives me some issue, then I fix the issue and do a PM overhaul if its old enough. The Sherwood S-9900a and Allied 495 were both overhauled in 2017, they ran from 1965 and 1970 respectively on original parts. Neither had a complete meltdown when they started giving problems, both actually had a small signal transistor get flaky to prompt service. They both sound a lot better now but there were other functional issues that I dealt with in addition to caps so I can't tell you that just changing the caps produced any magic.
  13. alteclipsch

    alteclipsch Super Member

    My little Sherwood S7100 is still going strong, I believe it was 1972 when I bought it new from Frank Van Alstine.
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  14. 50nstillhifi

    50nstillhifi Super Member

    BOSE 301s..... have undoubtedly abused them in various set ups... but as Timex used to say in their jingle.. "they take a licking.. but keep on ticking" :music:.

    So far absolutely no need to recap nor safety, found the original manual which said they can be fused for protection, never done it! I did vacuum dust off the tweeters once :D

    I must not be pushing them hard enough.. even with my 9100 Kenny?

    Go figure.. :dunno:
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  15. sfox52

    sfox52 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I got one of these in a lot of gear recently, needed some light bulbs and cleaning but it sounds nice!
  16. Bill Ashton

    Bill Ashton AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Massachusetts
    B & O Beovox 2600's
    ELAC STS-344E cartridge
    Realistic MC-1000 (speakers)
    Bose 901 Series II's
    Technics SA-200 receiver
    Onkyo TX-8210 receiver (only 22 years old, does that count?)


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  17. FONSguy

    FONSguy Super Member

    Sterling, VA
    DB systems Preamp (1978)
    FONS CQ-30 turntable (1976)
    JBL 4312's
    JBL 4311's
  18. maxhifi

    maxhifi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Edmonton Alberta Canada
    Realistic Stereo 40/A (1961), all original parts except tubes.. caps still good, including electrolytic
    Zenith 14DC16 colour tv (1973) - all original capacitors, has been fixed a couple times (tubes, focus voltage divider) but never restored, used for hours a day, works great.
    Thorens TD-124/II (1967)..periodically cleaned and lubed, never fully disassembled or restored.
    Pioneer PL-L800 (1981) repaired mouse damage and cleaned, but never restored. works fantastic
    Lots of stuff I recapped as preventive maintenancem, probably didn't really need to. I really bought into the all old caps are bad thing before I started testing them.
  19. Bodyblue

    Bodyblue AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Marantz Imperial 5s and 6s.
    Realistic Nova 6s and 7s
    4 Realistic Minimus 7Ws
    Realistic STA 95-My uncle, the original owner, gave it to me last year....perfect condition
    Realistic STA 84
    Sony STR 5800SD
    Sears Audio By Fisher receiver.
    Kenwood KR 4600 (I put LEDs in it)
    Marantz 2230-only adjusted and new LEDs
    Sansui SP 75s
    MCS 3233
    Out of all of the vintage items I have I only have had my Pioneer CS 88s recapped. Virtually nothing else has needed more than a clean or a lamp replacement.




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  20. Djcoolray

    Djcoolray Addicted Member

    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!
    Does a bear shit in the woods ????

    I’ve always wondered if anyone has had any good experiences with high quality replacement components ????
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