Anyone else not into surround sound?

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by Neo-Luddite, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Neo-Luddite

    Neo-Luddite Freeloader

    Minneapolis, MN
    I don't think I actually like surround sound. I just have some good bookshelves next to the TV, powered by a good's great. I'm always distracted by the weird noises coming out of the rear not for me.

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  2. tybrad

    tybrad 21234 Subscriber

    Not for me either. It is processed too much and as you say, sounds artificial to me.
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  3. ra7c7er

    ra7c7er Super Member

    Belleville, IL
    I've always enjoyed basic 2 channel over surround sound. I don't really like the sound being behind me.
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  4. jaguar06

    jaguar06 Super Member

    I have *two* surround systems in the bedroom, both higher end Yamaha, but I much prefer the 2-channel delivered by the two MX-1000U's and a CX-1000U. If I'm lazy, I'll just hit the remote and use the HTR unit, but if I *really* want to listen to a movie with good sound, I trek all the way across the room and turn on those two MX's.

    In the living room, with four MX-1000's, four Magnepans, four JBL 4311's, and two Acoustat X's, I just said "screw surround" from the get go.

    The only place I use surround consistently is the kitchen, because that's all I have in there, but I might fix that. :D
  5. ecandle

    ecandle Super Member

    Mcminnville OR.
    I cant get into it , I have what I would consider to be a pretty high end solution and never turn it on but 3-4 times per year.
  6. gregj

    gregj AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Eastern metro Detroit area
    I have mixed feelings. A few years ago, I thought it was the next BIG thing. I bought many 5.1 DVDs (movies and music) and have enjoyed them. My system is a modest Pioneer receiver from Costco, Advent book shelf speakers for the 5 channels, and a yard-sale Yamaha sub. I still enjoy movies with explosions and great music soundtracks. I have some remixed classic rock and jazz (King Crimson, Zappa, Miles "Kind of Blue") in 5.1 mixes just because I'm curious how my favorite albums sound when they're split into 5 channels. Kind of cool.

    TV sports are cool too when the crowd sounds swirl around you. My son and wife couldn't care less. Tinny TV speakers are just fine with them.

    When I'm listening to music, it vintage stereo gear all the way.
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  7. gjd100

    gjd100 Member

    Northern C.T.
    Depends. For music, no. But for certain movies it's ok.....The sci-fi "4'th of July" sounds pretty good in Sur Sound....."Patton" is awesome in Sur Sound...
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  8. atarione

    atarione Super Member

    my cat Fitz is strongly opposed to / terrified of surround speakers ...true story cat wigs out when the HT has surround sound going..
  9. DarrenM

    DarrenM Member

    2.0 for me too
  10. chuckworkb

    chuckworkb Super Member

    If I was into movies, and had a projector with a big screen in a room built just for movies, then I would have a nice surround system.
    I don't have that so I stick with the speakers in the 50 inch TV.
  11. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    The trick is Surround needs to have all the speakers voiced the same and especially for music. At AXPONA there were 2 demos with surround music and it was unbelievable. It was like you were sitting in the middle of the band.

    Before you dismiss, listen to a well setup system.
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  12. charles 1973

    charles 1973 Super Member

    You have a good point about being distracted by weird sounds from the rear surrounds. I sometimes wonder If they just throw something into the back speakers just to let me know their there, it just doesn't fit in with the program. I use a DD 5.0 System in my rec room, and Stereo in my living room.

    When it's done correctly, Like with the Recent Star Trek Movie, the Lord of the Ring's Movies, and my Shania Twain Music Video, I find my DD 5.0 to be an Amazing Experience, so it isn't going anywhere (it's not in the way, so it doesn't matter). Most material I watch however would sound good with my Stereo speakers placed about 1.5' away from my 46" TV Screen to keep the bulk of the sound where a center channel speaker would go. I do sometimes play with the different SS options, It can be interesting, even for music.

    Before Surround sound I placed a couple of Minimus 7 Speakers behind me and pointed them at the back wall using an L-Pad to reduce the volume to barely percievable and that worked very well.

    I use a pair of Minimus 7 Speakers for my 32" Living room TV with the matching 10 wpc Realistic STA-7 Reciever. It's surprizing how such a Tiny pair of speakers can sound so big. People hear this and are always looking for the Sub. I'm very pleased with it. For Serious Movie Watching I'll go down to the rec room. Depending on the Program I'll use Stereo Sound, DD 5.0, or One of the Matrix SS Options. I found the speakers in both of my Flatscreen TV's leave a lot to be desired. My old Toshiba 30" CRT Set had a Subwoofer and sound really good.
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  13. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    You guys aren't getting it. Surround doesn't mean 'little cubes' in the corners (Bose or otherwise). It actually means the surround with the same speakers you use for stereo, just 5 or seven with matching center channel and a preferably 2 subs. Also you need an SPL meter to match the output of the channels.

    Done right, surround is amazing, done wrong - MEH and many do it wrong.
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  14. retrodude

    retrodude Well-Known Member

    Good for movies and video games, but not for music
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  15. mikegeorge53

    mikegeorge53 New Member

    I am moving away from surround sound for movies. I just purchased a pair of Martin-Logan CLX's and using a Mcintosh MVP-881 player with a Pass Labs INT-30A amplifier. So far I don't miss the center, surrounds, or the subwoofer. I also have been using a 10 watt Sophia Electric Baby amplifier with good results, I just had to try a tube amp.
  16. uofmtiger

    uofmtiger Super Member

    Since this is the home theater section, I am assuming you are referring to movies. No, I prefer surround sound, especially with action movies.

    For music, I like a well produced surround album like Sinatra at the Sands that makes you feel like you are sitting at the venue. I usually listen to music in two channel, because that is what I own, but I admit that I like Telarc and many of the surround SACDs and DVD-As I have in my collection. I can't remember hearing something strange in the surrounds, unless we include Evil Dead2, but I think they mean to do that.:thmbsp:
  17. redrooster

    redrooster who was that masked man?

    Mandurah Western Australia
    I used to think listening to music on 5.1 was crap until I set it up properly with the YPAO microphone on a Yamaha HTR-3063/RX-V367,DCM QED 1A front speakers,Skandia SS-30 rears and Vivid subwoofer.The Yammy is excellent value >100w channel and Burr Brown DACs. I highly recommend it,in fact I find that I'm not using my Sansui AU11000 as much anymore.
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  18. Ohighway

    Ohighway Wannabe Minimalist Subscriber

    With a wife and 4 kids, I'm into 'surround sound' whether I like it or not....
  19. ericzim

    ericzim Well-Known Member

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  20. Neo-Luddite

    Neo-Luddite Freeloader

    Minneapolis, MN

    Funny enough. I didn't know there was surround sound music!..thought it was all video.

    Also...the sound from the flat screen is awful....I just have two good bookshelves that sound great...

    It's nice to hear I'm not the only one. But I do think if I heard a really well set up SS, I may think otherwise. But I still really don't care...*shrug*

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