Anyone else not into surround sound?

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by Neo-Luddite, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Ah, that makes sense. I didn't notice that letterboxing.
    Not the best pic to show what a zoomed 4:3 image can look like, I'd say.
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    Listening to Queen's - Night at the Opera in surround, if the system is setup right, will blow your mind. Same with Yes - Fragile, ELP - Brian Salad Surgery - they are just amazing in surround.
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    IMO the better that music sounds the worse it is.
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    A few years ago I really got into Frugal Horns and ended up building a pair for me and a pair for a friend. To make a long story short I ended up with my friend's pair. I didn't know what to do with two pair and then suddenly I was inspired to build a matching center and go 5.1. Good decision on my part as I absolutely love this diy surround system. Still crazy about OB's in stereo but for concerts like Diana Krall's "Live in Paris" or "Rio" they're an almost out of body experience. No reason folks shouldn't enjoy both stereo and surround systems.

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    Rear Frugal Horn surround speakers

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    So much dialogue comes from the center channel and the 4.5" Fostex is such a detail freak my aged ears don't miss much with this system. I built the center speaker based on the Fostex site plans but massaged the volume dimensions so that it fits on the shelf below the Vizio 65". There may be some out there but this is the only surround system using all full range single drivers I've seen.

    The sub in the corner is a Bob Carver Sunfire. The AVR is a Yamaha RX-V377. Other components include a Roku 4, Firestick, IVIEW DVR/tuner, Panasonic Blu-ray BD80 and Belkin Clean Power surge protector. On pre-order is the new Channel Master Stream+ to replace the dodgy IVIEW. I started a thread on this soon to be released android DVR/OTA tuner. I cut the cable several years ago thanks to a big boom antenna mounted in the attic. FWIW my monthly bill is $60 for high speed internet and $10 for Netflix which represents a major saving over my former cable bill.


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