anyone ever contemplate just getting rid of everything?

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by mike0565, May 6, 2018.

  1. hemiram

    hemiram Active Member

    Toledo, ohio

    My AVR is running about 16 hours a day, for TV/Movies/music when I'm home, and for the cats amusement when I'm gone. My only regret in moving to an apartment is I can't blast it anymore.


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  2. dcmfan

    dcmfan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Welcome 2 Missouri
    When the kids were young and work was crazy my stereo went largely unused but I kept it. I've also got a garage full of woodworking equipment I haven't used in a couple of years, but I'm keeping all of it because I still like to build stuff and expect that I'll have time to do that in the future.

    Once it's bought the cost is sunk and the only questions for me are things like "Will I use this in the future?" , "Is it in my way?" or "Could I sell it and use the money for something I'd be happier with? "
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  3. Justgotohm

    Justgotohm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Savannah Georgiaish
    I’ve often thought about thinning down to one system. The problem with me is I get the same enjoyment listening to some Solo 103’s hooked up to a Little Bear/class D combo, for example, as I do listening to a much larger more complex system. I have friends who as a couple use my place specifically to relax and listen to music while I’m not there half the year, I like that. I give a good bit of gear to my friends, family, and coworkers.
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  4. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SE Michigan, Downriver....
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  5. Djcoolray

    Djcoolray Addicted Member

    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!
    You can’t look at your life from the perspective of things never changing. Working that many hours week after week bums a person out. Just means that you can play FM as background music low enough to be heard. Years ago people were always busy cause they didn’t make as much money, people had the radio on everywhere you went and on the same popular radio channel. The inclusion of music as the soundtrack of our lives is normal, hiding away by ourselves and listening to music like it can not be shared with others is the abnormality. Besides, things always change....
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  6. tubed

    tubed Lunatic Member

    Just chuck it
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  7. quiet

    quiet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I used to have a lot of fun with muscle cars and offshore race boats. The fun faded but the work stayed. So I sold them. During that period of time I paid no attention to music other than what was forced upon me on the radio. Big mistake.
    Now if I'm on the property I run a music play list at a moderate level. If something good and engaging comes along I want to hear I turn it up. When it's done I turn it down and go back to what I was doing. I don't sit and listen to music unless I'm playing with the "music machine". It has successfully replaced more demanding toys. I kept the RV. I think it's gonna be this way till the end.
    So no, there will be no big sell off.
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  8. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
  9. slimecity

    slimecity Super Member

    New Zealand
    I'm 46 and still appreciating some "quiet time' with a bit of Slipknot now and then.

    But only when the GF isnt around. Why dont more women appreciate metal? lols
  10. Alobar

    Alobar Pulling out of the Last Chance Texaco.. Subscriber

    SE Alaska
    Mine gets about 2 hours play per evening in the summer, maybe 3 to 4 hours in winter. I wouldn't ever want to get rid of it, but sometimes my wife thinks it is taking up too much of the house.
  11. Marine0811

    Marine0811 I love it loud! Subscriber

    Nope! I would probably get rid of the wife first
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  12. bobsvinyl

    bobsvinyl Painfully Aware Subscriber

    Milford, NH
    I've thought about it, but then the meds kick in. I look at it this way. It took over a 25 year span to raise our five kids with my wife and I working different shifts. Music pretty much took a back seat. Now that they're all out spreading their wings and I'm retired, I listen to the music I've collected over the years. I have been downsizing, but I'm in it for the long haul.
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  13. hjames

    hjames ... SPRING forward? Where's that Cake? Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    VA near DC
    Its already Paid for, costs nothing to keep it, and would be much more costly to replace it all at some later point!
    Work duties can change pretty suddenly, - leaving you with more audio chill time/listen time!

    Be patient and see what happens in the next year or so!
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  14. Dave B.

    Dave B. AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Pa.
    My heart goes out to you. Really. To me, blasting should have been included in the Bill of Rights.

  15. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Addicted Member

    I see you live in the northern belt as do I, and have come to think of my gear as my audio torpor,

    I now have a decent DAP (Sony A-45) that plays FLAC and some great JBL BT speakers (Charge 3), so can enjoy the tunes on the deck with fidelity, either at then end of the day or if/when friends/family come of visit in the afternoon/evening.

    Treasure your gear and the ability to hear as there are a lot out there who would give much to be even able to listen to the tunes/lyrics that being back memories or soothe the moment as you get lost in the music.

    Once it's's gone. That's when you will miss it!

    Trust me on this one.


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  16. Pioneered

    Pioneered Well-Known Member

    Ya know, I've sold a lot of things off in my time and about 75% or more of it I regret to this very day. dash1.gif
    And the biggest problem is that everything I got rid of that I want back has risen in cost so much that
    I'll probably never be able to afford to replace any of it. wailing.gif
    So think carefully about getting rid of anything and then don't, at least that's what I have to do to keep regret away.
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  17. JoeESP9

    JoeESP9 ESL's & tubes since 83

    Philadelphia PA
    That would be a definite no from me.

    This IMO is a great answer.
  18. Oerets

    Oerets AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Derby City U.S.A.
    Just because you have stopped enjoying or listening at this time does not mean sometime in the future it will return. It it evident you once enjoyed the time spent so may soon again. Life goes in cycles and other events take over for a time.
    If you have space by your computer setup a TT and receiver and spin while surfing. Even connect up to the computer for internet radio or download. This will hopefully be enjoyable and may retrieve memories of past events.

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  19. Guest126

    Guest126 Well-Known Member

    No way! Events in life will take your focus away from hobbies every so often. Its always nice to come back to your music collection and listen to the great music every once in awhile. I still have my primary stereo equipment that dates back to the late seventies. I may never let go of those pieces.
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  20. Chrisxo55441

    Chrisxo55441 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Twin Cities Minnesota
    Im considering getting rid of maybe 70% of my gear it just never gets used but thats where i draw the line for now, ive got a few pieces i could never part with.

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