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Anyone know Marantz HD-440 speakers? HD line at all?

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Arkay, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    Hong Kong
    Today I spotted some speakers in a wholesale place that turned out to be Marantz HD-440 speakers, as pictured here: http://www.classic-audio.com/marantz/HD440.html

    Those angled fronts are not foam, but speaker cloth stretched over a frame. Under that, the speakers are three-way: one woofer (8 inch, I think) and two more smaller cones that looked identical, about three inches each. If Iremember, the box was ported with a single round port in front. All three cones are paper, similar to those in the Imperial series. The boxes are relatively smaller than the Imperial 6, at least, but still fairly heavy for their size.

    Does anyone here have these, or has anyone here heard them? I know some Marantz speakers like the Imperial series are good, and some later ones are not... what about these "X-Rare" "High Definition" series speakers? They are old enough to be included in the classic-audio listings, but does that mean they are good? Assuming the price is reasonable, should I grab 'em quick, or pass on 'em? Any knowledgeable advice is welcomed.
  2. SDA SRS 1.2

    SDA SRS 1.2 Well-Known Member

    Beech Mountain, NC
    I have the HD-880's and think they're the perfect match for my 2325 receiver. They have great bass and a slightly bright sound. My understanding is that the HD series was designed by former JBL engineer Ed May when Marantz hired him away from JBL in the late 70's.
  3. thisOne

    thisOne Listen...

    Central NJ, USA
    I have the HD880s as well and they sound awesome...
  4. davidb

    davidb Well-Known Member

    Clinton, Ms
    I have the 550s and I like them alot.
  5. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Lunatic Member


    Not as interesting as the models above it in the pecking order, IMO.
  6. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    Hong Kong
    Thanks for the info, guys! :thmbsp: Seems I found the junior sibling in a family of decent speakers. Maybe I should let the 'new' AR 2ax's fill my needs for a smaller bookshelf speaker for now, and wait until a bigger one of this Marantz series comes along, to hear their sound. ...Still, I'm curious...:scratch2:
  7. Jim M

    Jim M We All Start Somewhere

    I have a pair of HD-880 in my back room and I really like them. They sound awesome.
    In fact I like them better than the Vienna Acoustic Beethoven's I have as part of my main surround system in the living room.
    I understand the HD-770's are the same as the 880's only in a smaller cabinet. Sorry but no experience with the others in the lineup.
  8. Blue Shadow

    Blue Shadow I gotta get me a new title

    SE PA
    I have a pair of the HD-44 speakers that got new foam because the surrounds were in the house. They look a lot like the HD-440 shown in this link:
    except the covers for the driver edges are plastic rings with Marantz molded in them. Nice enough looking. I think looking for a higher model is a good idea. Mine are basement speakers and I don't spend much time there.
  9. Bone Yard

    Bone Yard Active Member

    The State Of Hockey
    I picked up an HD-66 orphan really cheap, definitely not an HD-660 but close. It has a foam grill, plastic Marantz imbossed plate around the woofer (not the better quality aluminum) and plastic tone controls (again not aluminum). I love my HD-880's, the largest speakers in my collection. Built like a tank and great looking...
  10. mikey3117

    mikey3117 Victory is mine!

    Happy Valley, OR
    I'll chime in with my HD-880's.... They are fantastic! The 440's are a part of the HD family and worth a listen!

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