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Anyone traveling between Brick, NJ and Indy ?

Discussion in 'The AudioKarma Pony Express' started by yesshows77, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. yesshows77

    yesshows77 Well-Known Member

    Brownsburg, IN
    There's an auction for some IMF Professional Monitors in Brick, NJ for local pickup only. If I were to win the auction (ends 12/21), I would need an AKer to transport them to Indiana. Please note that these speakers are large and heavy.


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  2. hammr7

    hammr7 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just saw this. If you won, I can store them until you find a ride. I'm about an hour south of Brick, and drive up and down the Jersey shore regularly.
  3. Hose53

    Hose53 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Westerville, OH
    If it comes to this I can help with a leg of the journey. Depending on the route maybe Pittsburg vicinity to Indianapolis or Richmond, IN. I'm near Columbus, OH
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