Anyone Using Sony Cameras?

Discussion in 'Cameras and Photography' started by uofmtiger, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier Subscriber

    The Sony battery that came with mine was a good one, but I bought an off-brand spare a few years ago with a portable charger that was lousy. I don't even think you could eek 70-80 shots out of it. This past summer though, I bought a RAVpower 2-pack of batteries with a micro-USB port charger, making it easy to use in the car, and those batteries seem to last just about as long as the Sony. So I start the day with three fully charged batteries ready to go and rotate as needed.


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  2. Kim G

    Kim G Super Member

    I didn't care for the short battery life but always carried extras. With the A7RIII the battery life is greatly improved. I did buy a spare, but the way I shoot I doubt if I will exhaust one in a days outing. It will still go along, just in case.
  3. uofmtiger

    uofmtiger Super Member

    I bought a spare, as well. I like having one I can trade out while the other is charging.
  4. smurfer77

    smurfer77 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    San Francisco
    I use to be a Nikon guy, but secretly always admired the Sony technology after using my ex-gfs dad's Sony a lot in the mid 2000s. Since 3 years ago I coverted to Sony and haven't looked back. I'm a fan of the A7s series... I rarely feel the need for more pixels, and prefer the low-noise and ability to handle a range of light situations simply.

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