Arcam DV137 Repair help!

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Roypercy, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Hi all:

    It's hard to admit this, I'm usually pretty good doing general maintenance and repairs, but this one was a real boner on my part. Anyway...

    A while back I answered an ad on Craigslist for a "non-working" Arcam DV 137; when I got it home, it turned out it only needed a new belt for the disc drawer. I ordered the belt, popped the top, and by manually opening and closing the drawer was able to play several CDs and SACDs, and it sounded amazing.

    When the new belt arrived I popped the top and installed it, but in the process my big clumsy fingers accidentally yanked out the ribbon cable going into the laser assembly. I could see that in the process I had bent a few of the tiny metals pins. I tried to straighten it out, put it back in place, and (still with the cover off) put in a disc; the tray opened and closed just fine now (duh!).

    However, when I hit "play" (still with the cover off) the disc started spinning insanely fast, and within a few seconds something glowed white-hot on the main circuit board (the one the ribbon cable went to) and let out a little puff of magic smoke. I immediately powered down, and could see a scorch mark on the circuit board. I don't know what burned out.

    I contacted a local repair place that advertises they work on vintage gear and DVD players, but the guy there said this wasn't the sort of thing "they like to get involved with" (?!?) So my question is, do I have a shot at repairing this player, or have I turned it into a classy-looking doorstop?

    It's driving me nuts that, if not for my mistake, I'd have gotten a very expensive Universal player for the cost of a belt. Thanks for any advice!


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