Arizona Diamondbacks Incredible Deal

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by 2DualsNotEnough, May 25, 2017.

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    Being retired now,I have been going to some DBacks games this summer.Then Sunday afternoon this deal shows up.Every home game in June and July(25 in all) for $50!The stadium has only been at 1/3 capacity most games this season,so it makes sense to get people in to buy food and beer,and bring the kids during summer break.
    You had to buy the passes online,and cant get hard copy tickets,just the code on your phone two hours prior to the game,to keep resellers out of it,since you cant transfer them,either.Needless to say,these are nosebleed seats,but you will have the option of upgrading each game if you so choose.
    Im a newly minted codger who has an android phone but dont feel the need to buy data usage,since I only call and text.You wont believe how fast I learned to use it with wifi and learn to set up the MLB app.
    The passes sold out in three days.
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    That's really cool, 2Duals! What a fun way to spend the summer. I'm really glad to see MLB trying to make the game more accessible.
    Here in Sac the AAA River Cats do a lot of promo stuff geared to families and kids. They have have a nice venue, too.

    Enjoy the music and congrats on retirement,
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    When we lived in Cincinnati and before the new stadium was built, you could get bleacher seats the day of the game for 2-5 bucks each.

    I am just happy I don't live there, my wife would be at those games everyday - she is such a baseball fan.

    When I had a chance for a job in Tampa, my wife was planning every spring to be at Spring Training. With all of her baseball buddies, they had it all planned :D
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