Asking Comparison Rotel RCD-1072 VS Marantz CD-6005

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by liemjerry, Jun 26, 2017.

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    I have a Marantz SACD player (SA8005) and like it just fine. However, given the choice in the OP, I'd opt for the Rotel. I doubt there'd be much noticeable difference in sound (if any), but Rotel is more exotic.
  2. liemjerry

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    thank you, do you know the market price for 2nd Rotel RCD-1072 that in the mint condition and optics is ok, all function are working well, it comes with original box packahe, remote, and all that comes out from the box.
  3. RT Fan

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    I paid between $300-$350 for mine. There are 2 on the auction site, one is a BIN for $359 including an upgraded power cord plus cables.Good luck with your search.
  4. liemjerry

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    thank you, I see many Rotel users here rather than Marantz maybe comparing 2 of them may not so quite balance hehe
  5. lastexit

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    I bought a Rotel RCD-1072 many years ago to pair with some Rotel separates at the time. It replaced a Cambridge Audio 640C and seemed like a no brainer in terms of synergy. However, I could never quite make it work. The 1072 just never made music imo. It was clean and clear and detailed, but there was no weight, or meat on the bones, to the musical notes. I wouldn't say its a bright player, but it was very dry sounding which made the music pretty uninvolving. I was pretty disappointed considering all of the very positive reviews of the unit. In comparison, the Cambridge was much better in the dynamics department. I'd try to audition the 1072 before buying if you can.
  6. Andrei

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    I had the Marantz CD6005 and I can safely say that it was the worst sounding player I've ever had, the reason for this being that it was awfully bright. That imprinted the sound a plasticky feeling. I let it break in for one week in hope that things might change but alas they didn't so I sold it. It was a nightmare the sound of that player. I know some people like their sound bright but to me this is the worst characteristic a player can have.
  7. liemjerry

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    thank you for clear review
  8. liemjerry

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    Yes I'm considering this one and other player
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    Comparing components is like comparing Oil on a Motorcycle forum or brand vacuum tubes on a guitar forum, someone always has a better suggestion..
    Not that it's a bad thing you asked the question, so you will get different opinions from folks that own or have owned the component.
    I like the ones that say " Never listened to one but brand C is better".
    I wont say that if i never even listened to one, i will base it on what I have on hand and Rotel is one.
    It comes down to what works for you, so much involved that starts with the room and your current rig.
    I don't have access to buy high end equipment I buy it used.
    And not by choice I own a Rotel RCD-990 that needed a little help, and to me it's one of the best decks I have ever owned that eventually created all Rotel components around it.
    Do i feel it could be better? sure it can, but it's what I can afford not what is the better.
    And from doing research over the years on different decks that splinter off into research of different brands and models I have come across and ones i haven't. I remember all that if i come across the component.
    IMO the Rotel would be my first choice, because I like the wide spread and smoothness based only on the 990.
    But that again is subjective as i haven't listened to brand A to compare..
    I have two or three decks at one time in my rig, sometimes the Rotel doesn't fit the action of the music I am playing that another deck can.
    That one little thing a component can do that catches your attention is a big influence on deciding on what sounds best for you.
    Your the one that is investing in your own personal taste in music reproduction.
    Ones persons rig is another persons poison and that is so true.
    We have good advisors on this forum and I have learned much from you guys, thanks..
    My Odd Bird Observation.
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  10. liemjerry

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    thank you but one of them has been sold..I prepare seek another option
  11. sqlsavior

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    EspaƱola NM
  12. roadie1

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    I have listened to and have the RCD-1072. Don't use it but still have it. IIRC it was $700 new, maybe more. I can't give you a decent review though. All I can say is that it's a tad to the warm side and will give you what I feel to be is a pretty wide soundstage. It's not a player that will plumb the depths of resolution. It strikes me as a polite player. Wish I could be more articulate.

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