Asus H170I-Pro Intel LGA1151 motherboard win 7 install problem

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by goodguy, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. goodguy

    goodguy New Member

    Hi And thanks for reading this thread.

    Trying to build a home theatre pc and picked up an Asus H170I-Pro Intel LGA1151 motherboard, trying to install windows 7 ultimate 64-bit using an external asus usb 2.0 optical drive for the installler disc.

    Have spent days, tried everything, all the different bios options, searched around the net for clues
    but it keeps crashing at the first splashscreen. It asks for input langauge but freezes.

    The optical drive seems okay, used it last year to install windows on an gigabyte motherboard and it worked first time.
    Borrowed a windows 7 home 64-bit, but crashed at the same point as well.
    Switched drive from an kingston uv500 ssd to a spinning type wd black, but still crashed at the same point.
    Could it be the usb port, that it needs drivers before it will operate properly. The motherboard lets me use the bios and i can use a mouse to navigate, so maybe usb ports are okay.

    Any advice at all will be most appreciated.


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