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AU/TU 217

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by swend, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. swend

    swend Active Member

    southside virginia
    I was looking at an AU/TU 217 combo for my office. Are these units similar in basic function to my AU-517, just less? In other words direct coupled similar sound ect..
    Been gone for awhile nice to be back.
  2. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
    I believe they are basically the same.Of course the power differences aside.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  3. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    You may be able to detect subtle differences in sound quality between the '517 and the '217.
    The TU-217 is also not quite as nice as the TU-517 IMO. Either pairing (217 vs 517) go well together, and I think the '217 pair are perfect for an office system.
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