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    DVA 4/2 Power Amplifier

    The new Audio by Van Alstine DVA 4/2, our newest addition to the DVA amplifier line of Audio by Van Alstine products, is a flexible solid state power amplifier. It can be used as a stereo amplifier delivering a crushing 450 watts per channel or as a four channel amplifier delivering 125 watts per channel.

    In stereo mode, it will effortlessly drive any pair of speakers. Its four channel mode is perfect for driving multiple speakers in a home theater system or both channels in a bi-amplified stereo system. Best of all, the amp can be changed from four to two channel mode by simply pressing a switch!

    The DVA 4/2 is an advanced solid-state design using actively regulated MOSFET outputs. Our output regulation technology lets the circuit components work their best to deliver the clearest sound you are likely to hear anywhere.

    The DVA 4/2 is available now for $3699. All AVA products come with a three year warranty. Additional information will soon be available on our website. Information on our complete line of products is available at or by calling 651-330-9871.

    DVA 4:2 Power Amp.jpg DVA 4:2 Back.jpg
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