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  1. MaryS

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    Audio by Van Alstine to Introduce New Products at Axpona

    Woodbury, MN: April 11, 2014 – Audio by Van Alstine will be introducing and demonstrating three new products, the DVA 850 Monoblock Amplifier, the Transcendence 10 RB preamplifier, and a new multi-function digital to audio converter (DAC) at the 2016 Axpona Audio Expo in Rosemount, Illinois, April 15 – 17, 2016.

    The DVA 850 is a high power monoblock amplifier based on our patented Fet Valve amplifier technology. The DVA 850 produces in excess of 850 Watts of dynamic sound for those wanting the best possible performance from their audio system.

    The Transcendence 10 RB preamplifier is the next evolution of our award winning Transcendence 8 preamplifier. The Transcendence 10 RB is a value priced tube preamplifier for those who prefer tube preamplifiers, but still want the higher resolution of modern preamplifiers. While the Transcendence 10 is value priced, it matches extremely well with all amplifiers.

    The new AVA DAC is the first showing of a pre-production of a new AVA Digital to Analog Converter. The new DAC plays all file formats seamlessly, including wav, flac, and DSD files. The AVA DAC will come standard with USB, coax, and optical inputs.

    “With over a year in development, the DVA 850 is the most advanced and best sounding product AVA has ever offered,” said Frank Van Alstine, President and founder of Audio by Van Alstine. The DVA 850 is a brute of an amplifier that includes all the features you would expect from a top of the line monoblock amplifier.

    “While the DVA is our top of the line product, we understand that there are customers desiring a value product, so we developed a reduced feature Transcendence 10 RB that offer sound and value well beyond its price,” Frank said. The Transcendence 10 RB features an updated tube preamplifer with a high capacity power supply. The Transcendence can be configured with our new phono preamplifer, and remote volume control.

    About Audio by Van Alstine:
    Based in Woodbury, Minnesota, Audio by Van Alstine has been designing and manufacturing high end audio equipment for over 50 years. The mission of Audio by Van Alstine is to produce high end products without the high end price. All Audio By Van Alstine products are hand crafted in Minnesota.

    Frank Van Alstine



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  2. indyhawg

    indyhawg AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Fishers, Indiana
    I got to meet Frank on Saturday. Super nice guy. At the time, I was the only person in the room and I felt like I received a personal demonstration of his products.
  3. Fitero

    Fitero Active Member

    Portland, OR
    What fun!
    I would have enjoyed a visit like that, though it would have been a wasted effort as I am too ignorant to eke some electronics knowledge and experiences from his packed mind.
  4. slippers-on

    slippers-on Music...let it move you!

    Saint Charles Mo.
    I got a chance to hear his new amp/preamp at the show. Man it was sounding great!
  5. tcdriver

    tcdriver AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Valley of Heart's Delight
    How about some pictures?
  6. avahifi

    avahifi AK Member

    Woodbury, Minnesota


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