Audio in Mike Tyson's Abandoned Mansion

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  1. Ausjoe

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    Hey don't be making fun of Mike's audio rack. He learned how to build 'em in the big house and that's his first project!

    Putting on my ear protectors.:para:
  2. CougarXR7

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    I think the pool room is kind of cool, actually. The rest is too garish for me.
  3. grillebilly

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    looking at his place, he had no taste. Looking at his gear, he had no ear. But he did have a taste for ears.
  4. PioneerGuy75

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    Kinda creepy lookin through an abandoned house like that......
  5. myu701

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    If you want more details, go HERE. @ 2:38 you begin to see the worst of the pool. I don't understand why the remaining custodian didn't have the pool drained... kind of sick leaving it sitting to attract crud. The A/V gear doesn't show up until later and it's very brief, just one photo. Kind of strange how things like that were left behind... Tyson doesn't own the place any longer, so wouldn't whoever has the deed at least empty the place?
  6. Bstable

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    Yes...I read that his good friend Stevie Wonder built them. :D
  7. Arkay

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    First, if the place has had a succession of owners since, we have no way of knowing how much of that gear is "original Mike", and how much isn't.

    Also, if the house is as large and sprawling as the outside pic shows, it's very logical that there might (have) be(en) more than one audio system in the place. Are we sure that the system shown wasn't for the servants, or just the pool area, or...?

    When was that gear bought and installed? Probably during the height of the "BPC era", when it might have been considered decent... at least by the salesperson in the big chain store that Mike --or whoever was assigned to get a system-- went to.

    Not everyone is an audiophile, and no one at all should suggest that a golden gloves boxer (ear-biter, rapist, whatever) has to have "golden ears" as well.

    Anyway, I agree that the taste in decor is deplorable. That said, one might recognize that Mike comes from a different background than many people. He is from an ethnic group that often has its own tastes, somewhat different from the preferred tastes of other groups: zebra carpet might look gauche to "WASP" eyes, but perhaps not to African-Americans, to whom it may represent respect for African heritage and roots. The interiors you might see in Ebony are not usually the same as those in Martha Stewart Living. Similarly, he came from a relatively poor background, and lower-income groups often have different tastes. "Nouveau Riche" tastes often tend towards the kitschy or gaudy, as a reassuring display of newly-found wealth. Bright red carpet plays into that, as does some of the furniture. Graceland --another mansion built by a poor guy who struck it rich-- is hardly an icon of good taste, either, and there are many more such examples in many places. Just search celebrity homes, and you'll find a whole range of interiors, from immaculate to horrible. Often they tell you a lot about the backgrounds of the owners/inhabitants.

    What I will say in defense of that eyesore is this: there is terrific potential in the "craftsman" wood paneled walls and vaulted ceilings. Think of traditional European castles and great homes, Gothic, Antonio Gaudi, Art Nouveau and the Craftsman movement, up through Eames, and some of the better modern barn and loft conversions: that woodwork could be pushed into something somewhat reminiscent of any of these, or something original with a more attractive appearance than it has now. There is actually LOTS of potential there, just disguised by those awful floor coverings and the cr*p stuck in there. Imagine the place stripped of floor coverings and decor, taken back to bare walls and floor. Then put in some nice, high-quality flooring and suitable, well-chosen decorations. With some thought and effort (and money), that place could look like a million bucks' worth of good taste, as much as it now looks like a monument to bad taste. All it needs is a sane and capable decorator, with some decent taste.

    That said, I probably wouldn't buy it. At the very least, I'd want it checked over VERY carefully. I'd guess that architects and construction people would have seen Iron Mike as a Golden Fleece, and taken him for a ride all the way to the bank, cutting corners and "cheaping out" all over the place. Most likely, he wouldn't have known better. Sure looks like it. If I did get it, I'd gut the place and completely redo the interior, but keeping some of that woodwork. It would probably be easier to find something better to begin with, perhaps a home that an experienced builder had made for himself; those are often the best-built homes, because they know what quality is (and isn't), and how to achieve it. I'd hate to buy a home like that and then find that the roof leaked in many places, the doors didn't fit right, the walls had no insulation, etc... it could be the nightmare Money Pit from hell --which might be why it has been sitting empty! :dunno:
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  8. Speakerbox

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    No matter where you was born and raised. You either have good taste, or you don't.
    I remember watching Lifestyle Of The Rich and Famous. As a kid in the "hood", I was STILL shaking my head at some very cheesy taste and wondering why none of the celebs never showed off some high end stereo gear.
  9. jimfet

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    Look in the home ownership thread to get my responce. I'm old and tired.
  10. TopDollar69

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    The component that looks like it has 4 meters is a Pioneer PD- F904 100 disc changer. I'm not sure what brand the Laser Disc player or VCR are though. Is the top piece a cable box of some sort?
  11. BigElCat

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    2011 was an excellent year for dialogue. I emailed the guy who asked that question a couple weeks ago (about his birthday). He didn't answer.
  12. hugo454

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    at least He took his crosely turntable with him
  13. Beatnik

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    Who's Mike Tyson ?
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  14. sKiZo

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    dUH ... He's a cartoon character on Adult Swim ... <G>


    Actually, the pigeon's a hoot ... voiced by Norm MacDonald ...
  15. kfalls

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    Maybe it sounds great through Califlower ears.
  16. TopDollar69

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    I am curious to know what kind of speakers were used in the large room next to the projection TV. I suppose a large room like that could have used pro audio gear.

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