Audio Repair in Las Vegas, Nevada

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by mikerm, May 16, 2018.

  1. mikerm

    mikerm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I currently live in San Diego and have a couple of great options for audio gear repairs. We're thinking of moving to Las Vegas - does anyone know of reputable audio repair shops in Vegas? Clearly this is a critical factor when considering a move... I don't want to get stuck shipping my gear out for repairs!


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  2. blhagstrom

    blhagstrom Mad Scientist, fixer. Subscriber

    Duvall, Washington
    When I am in town, I can repair or restore most vintage. Pre 1980.

    There is one other person here that knows his stuff. He lives here premanatly.

    Both of us are private hire.

    As far as I know, there are no decent vintage shops here and they are rare everywhere. There is a shop but every time I was there, no one was working on the piles of repairs waiting for work.

    Post 1980 stuff? I rarely touch that and I don’t think many or any do or want to.

    FWIW, I have had to ship things to experts for repairs. Non-audio. It was always worth it.
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  3. nj pheonix

    nj pheonix AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New Jersey
    While I respect the thought, availability to local tech wouldn't be a (even minor) factor in selecting where I move.
    If a piece is that important make a road trip and live where you want .
    Good luck with your move.
  4. mikerm

    mikerm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I was only half serious about this being a factor in making a decision :) I’m just spoiled living in San Diego and having a couple of good local techs available to help maintain my vintage obsession.
  5. jazzmans

    jazzmans Super Member

    devils playground, NV
    I've had nothing but Great service from Audio Xperts in Las Vegas, they're the only locally licensed macintosh, B&O, and many others repair shop.

    They've repaired more then one Carver amp for me personally, as well as refoaming a number of infinity speakers, I've only had good luck.

    They aren't salesmen, they are repair guys who also have a love of vintage equipment, so they have tons of gear crammed into a tiny space in an older section of town (in fact, where they are located was the porno theaters before vhs came around)

    Bobby and Tony are good people. They don't bullshit, and they've always done what they've claimed.
    Tell 'em Scott sent you
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  6. 7.62

    7.62 Gearhead Subscriber

    Las Vegas
    Jazz is spot on, I back his statement 100%.

    The only downside, you’ll find yourself a regular visitor as there’s always new & cool stuff if you love audio !


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  7. hendertuckie

    hendertuckie Active Member

    Southern Nevada
    I have to agree, great guys. I used them twice for repairs and always came away happy.
  8. bsandovalb

    bsandovalb AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Costa Rica
    i also visit bobby each time I go to Vegas... every time I end buying something nice... lots of gear.. you see nice stuff when looking around, and they are great honest guys...
  9. kydog

    kydog Super Member

    That’s good to know!! I’m about four hours away working ( Ganado Arizona)
    With a Yamaha CR 3020 I’m thinking of getting refurbished. Let me know if you’re interested in giving it a go
  10. kydog

    kydog Super Member

    May I inquire where in San Diego ? Your top repair shops for vintage. Thanks

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