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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by highend64, May 15, 2018 at 9:11 PM.

  1. Aptone

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    I pick my speakers based on genre. The ADS 910s have great bass, so they are way better for reggae and a lot of rock. But sometimes I feel the need for the sweet Magnepan sound for less bass heavy music.


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  2. highend64

    highend64 Well-Known Member

    Central CA
    Thanks for all the responses. There are alot of very interesting opinions which is all about. My system does sound good with every genre but maybe I only like like certain genre because of certain"sound" Im looking for.
  3. savatage1973

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    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    Not to disparaage or promote any specific type/brand of speaker or other components, but certain things are better suited to specific types/genres of music. My Infinity Kappa 9's and Maggie 3.6R's have fairly similar frequency response ranges, but the perception of bass from a planar resonating the room vs 4 12" conventional cone woofers hitting you in the chest with a wall of sound is dramatically different.

    Complete and total "accuracy" is not all it is cracked up to be. Not all recordings are created equal. Sometimes there is stuff in the recording that you don't want to hear. I listen to a lot of late 60's and 70's live rock--the energy of the artist/performance is there, but the recording quality is frequently lacking (think standing in the audience with your phone and posting to YouTube). These types of recordings sound far better on my notoriously "less than accurate" JBL L100's, but for a well-recorded classical piece, the Maggies win hands down.
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  4. Audiotfoot

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    Central Montana, USA

    Love the radio. Brings back memories of coming home from grade school and sitting in the kitchen doing homework and listening to the Lone Ranger, Sgt. Preston of the RMCP, etc.
    My Califone was rescued from a dumpster behind the school district office. They tossed two, but being generous, I let the janitor have the other one.
  5. heyraz

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    Long Branch, NJ
    Some music sounds better on a car radio so I built this IMG_20140921_215757794.jpg
  6. sKiZo

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    Some music sounds better on a car radio, so I'm building this ... <G>

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