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Audiodon has left us...

Discussion in 'AK News' started by LexDM3, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. AdamAnt316

    AdamAnt316 Collector of heavy things Subscriber

    Just got back from the memorial service, which was very nice and well attended. At least a half-dozen AKers were able to make it, including Paul (thedelihaus) and Steph. Don's (and Dan's) Fisher 400 sounded quite nice at the back of the sanctuary hall through the KLH 6s, and probably could've filled the entire hall with sound if we'd cranked it up high enough. Definitely one of the nicest-sounding funerals I've been to.......... :angel:
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  2. AdamAnt316

    AdamAnt316 Collector of heavy things Subscriber

    Just got back from Don's memorial service, which was very nice, and well attended. Enjoyed seeing the AKers who were able to show up and pay their respects, not to mention listen to the Fisher 400 receiver which was set up at the back of the hall. Truly a shame that we lost him, but his funeral has to be one of the nicest-sounding memorials I have experienced. :angel:

    As I said in one of the other threads, Don was a great help to me at the FrankenFests over the years, particularly when I gave a seminar on turntables. I also bought a couple of things from him, including one of his lovely cables, and an original Fisher metal cabinet for my FM-50B tuner. I was planning on trading him a set of well-used 7868 tubes for said cabinet, but his diagnosis came before I could get them to him. Might any of the local (or otherwise) AKers happen to have four novar or magnoval tube sockets they could spare? I'd like to use said 7868s as part of some sort of memorial to the man, and don't have any sockets to plug them into. They don't have to be in perfect shape, just enough so I can feed filament voltage to the tubes. Thanks in advance!
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  3. steelglam

    steelglam AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It was a beautiful and moving service today. You can tell how much Don was loved by so many people.

    @LexDM3 gave a wonderful and touching speech about Don. @steph_gaynor played some great tunes in Don's honor.

    Don was such a smart and kind soul. Good luck on your next journey, Don.

    Sorry that I couldn't stay and chat with the other AKers that were there...I had to head to work after paying respects to Don's family.

    And thanks to Don's non-AK family and friends for being such a kind group as well. I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you on the ALS walks.
  4. johnda

    johnda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Southold, NY
    Rest well, Don. We will miss you.
  5. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
    Can't say I remember any interaction with Don but he sounds like he was a fine individual.RIP.
  6. ouimetnick

    ouimetnick Hafler Fan!

    My next door neighbor (Pete Frates.. the ice bucket challenge guy) is still fighting. Since awareness of ALS has spread and lots of money being raised, hopefully a cure or something to slow the progression of the disease is coming soon.
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  7. KentTeffeteller

    KentTeffeteller Gimpus Stereophilus!

    Athens, TN
    Posted on the main thread, RIP and Godspeed, AudioDon. A class act, who's friendly and helpful nature enhanced all who was around him. AudioDon was welcoming and friendly to newbie AK'ers, and a fount of knowledge, and wisdom. He'll be missed and forever remembered! I admired him.
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  8. GD70

    GD70 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Northern Westchester Co, NY
    Wish I lived closer to have been able to attend. Nice to see so many who's lives Don touched.
    Thanks for the pics Brian.
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  9. cartop

    cartop Super Member

    Worcester Mass.
    God Speed and R.I.P.
  10. Omegaman

    Omegaman Ultra Super Member

    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Well, its obvious that AudioDon had plenty of good friends

    I went back and noted each time he encouraged me in my efforts in my posts

    Thanks Don
  11. ra.ra

    ra.ra Super Member

    metro Boston
    Very sad to hear this news, and sorry I did not know this sooner in order to attend the service. Only met him a few times, but he was a kind man, a generous soul, and a creative spirit. ALS is a truly horrible disease, and Don remained strong and gracious throughout his difficult final years.


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  12. Beau Geste

    Beau Geste Rione Traiano Subscriber

    Sib tibi terra levis...:(
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  13. davidb1

    davidb1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sandy Springs GA
    RIP Don.
  14. truevis

    truevis Well-Known Member

    Don gave a talk on sub-woofer integration at an AK Fest about five years ago. I was inspired to invite him to give a similar talk to the Boston Audio Society, which he generously did. Many of the BAS members remembered him initially from that presentation.

    Does anyone still have the CD he made for that talk? I could make a Spottily playlist from it.
  15. joel27

    joel27 Super Member

    I'll have a drink while listening to my Fisher tonight in remembrance of a great man. RIP.
  16. shadco

    shadco BT Addict

    Mid South USA
    Oh my. I knew he wasn't doing well, this is profoundly sad.

    Don, who didn't know me form Adam dug into is stock pile to come up with a knob for my 400 and wouldn't take a penny for it.

    I've enjoyed his postings on the forum, and it's clear this entire community was enriched by his participation.

    God Speed Don.
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  17. audmod01

    audmod01 Super Member

    Tioga, TX
    I am so sad to learn about this. Don was helpful to so many of us on this Fisher Forum. He exhibited great strength of character along the way. Condolences to his family.

  18. LexDM3

    LexDM3 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Arlington, MA
    Hi everyone. I spoke to Don's wife Dana this afternoon. She had just finished reading the entire thread. She was really pleased and moved by all of the wonderful things our community had to say about Don. She wanted me to pass along her thanks to all of you.

    Don's daughters also have the link and I'm sure they will read all of the comments. Thanks so much for all of the great things you have said about Don and thanks to our moderator team for making it possible for Don's family to read these messages. --Dan
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  19. chinacave

    chinacave Its Like a Jungle Sometimes; It makes me Wonder Subscriber

    New York-ish
    Like many here - Don Welcomed me as an old friend almost the moment I stumbled into the first FrankenFest I attend in (2011?) - Kind, Open, Generous, genuinely curious in All people he met, low, high, washed and unwashed, charitable, understanding, respectful, a great listener, and not shy nor pushy either with his own thoughts - a rare and mighty skill.

    The more we became acquainted, and traded and chatted and asked and talked and kibitzed and emailed and bought and sold, it rather quickly became apparent that we were functionally brothers from another mother. Down to the same model (AND YEAR) obscure car we both had bought (dumb idea..Lucas electrics.....) as our first car. It just kept going on like that. So not only was he an inexhaustible source of audio knowledge, hints, lore, opinion, tricks and trivia, he fast became, late in both of our lives, one of my closest friends.

    I miss him daily. More importantly I remember him fondly daily. I am a better person and the world a better home for all persons for him sharing it with us all too briefly.

    His grace and humor and peace in his illness I will never forget. A Giant of a strong man, a feeling man, a Mensch.

    Fair Winds, friend, may the road always rise up to meet you, all your carbon comps never drift, all your getter flashings never dull. All Fishers have the original jewel lights and yellow tags. May your love of your family live on forever in them.

    * guy also had a wicked sense of humor. I thought he had made a killer pun by referring to a Brit speaker brand called 'Spendor' - as in overpriced I thought. He set me straight. But I do credit him with the epic 'Condiscenti'
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  20. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Sorry for your loss sir. RIP Don.

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