AudioKarma site is fastest of all that I use

Discussion in 'AK New Format' started by Dingman, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Dingman

    Dingman Do you know where your towel is? Subscriber

    Des Moines, Ia
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    The site upgrade has been a great success.
    Not only did we get past the crashes and lost data, we have tons of new functionality and have you guys noticed - this site is just way fast.

    I NEVER wait more than a few seconds to pull up a page (except when every single post has an embedded youtube video - no AK's fault).

    There was alot of volunteer work that went into it and I'm appreciative.
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  2. dzkfraser

    dzkfraser Well-Known Member

    Syracuse NY
    Also the best layout - easy to navigate
  3. Dude111

    Dude111 Analogue is Awesome

    Quite fast for me also but I think the VBB site was even faster :)
  4. eizner23

    eizner23 Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    Mobile friendly layout is convenient, unlike most other audio forums.
  5. nj pheonix

    nj pheonix AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New Jersey
    Luther uses magic dust
  6. GordonW

    GordonW Speakerfixer Subscriber

    Marietta/Moultrie GA USA
    I never really took a stopwatch to it, but it's pretty speedy now. Luther and company does great work.



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  7. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier Subscriber

    MI, US
    vB was actually a resource hog. I had run a few of those back in the day, and during some busy periods we encountered, there were times we had to lease two servers in order to make it perform well for a while, and I had vB heavily modified just to trim back some of that usage. (It always seemed I was in crisis mode every six months or so as we'd hit another resource limit.) With XenForo we are able to run it comfortably, with less than half the CPU usage that vB hit us with.

    It's interesting to not that vB up through version 3.8 was developed by the same developers who created XenForo after they left Internet Brands (after Jelsoft was bought out). It was the old case of answering to shareholders vs. improving the product. vB needed a total rewrite, but IB wanted new versions and new features added, regardless of whether they were ready or not. vB4 simply dumped more features on the old vB3 code base. vB5 has been an absolute trainwreck. The real irony? IB runs a lot of enthusiast sites (many in automotive)...and all of those are still running a modified vB 3.8! Now there's trusting your own product! :D

    I feel that if Jelsoft had not been bought out and the developers had stayed, this (what we are using now) would have been this new vB version (a full rewrite).

    And hats off to Luther on keeping 'er well oiled and running smoothly. :)
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