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Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by Kegger, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Kegger

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    What's up with all the red badges under Usernames? They're Subscribers!

    How are donations and subscriptions different?

    Hitting the "Donate" button is just that - making a donation. AK appreciates it, it keeps the server running and the site up. (We use a little bandwidth, too. )

    A Subscription is set up through your User Control Panel, and while it does get money to AK, it also offers you a few bonuses, as well:

    * Private forums only for Subscribers.
    * PM capacity increases to 1000.
    * Picture storage increases to 50 MB (Reg. members get 1.5 MB.)
    * You can delete your own posts.
    * You can add a poll to a thread.
    * Bigger signature limit.
    * Choose to display your name in "Subscriber Red".
    * Use animated gifs as your Avatar.
    * Gain the ability to be "invisible" to the rest of the board. (No one can see when you're online.)

    To become a Subscriber, go to your User Control Panel and check the menu under "Miscellaneous", there's a line item called "Subscriptions". Click the link and you'll be walked through signing up and paying with PayPal. Cost is $25.00 per year.

    Due to AK being a free web site, we rely heavily on donations to keep this site afloat. The donations do not cover all of our expenses, so we are offering you the opportunity to help AK, and get something in return by becoming an AK Subscriber!

    Please remember to use the link in your User Control Panel to Subscribe!


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