Audiophile or Music Lover?

Discussion in 'AK Polls' started by shacky, Aug 7, 2011.


Are you an Audiophile or Music Lover?

  1. Audiophile

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  2. Music Lover

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  1. krazygrrl

    krazygrrl Well-Known Member

    Vintage Audio Enthusiast, thank you... LOL.

    For me it is all about "sound", not about flash and super high-end equipment. So I guess, I would be more a "music lover" than an "audiophile". I find all my equipment bargains, generally on Ebay... heee heee.
  2. elgato8905

    elgato8905 Nobody special.

    Music lover here... As far as gear is concerned... All I care about is making the music I love sound really good. Without music that moves me it's all for nothing.
  3. Bozzmonster

    Bozzmonster Sabrina Says 'Feed Me!'

    Royal Oak, MI
    I grew up hearing a lot of good music on a tinny AM transistor radio, suspect living room consoles and boom boxes. I still would rather hear that than 'meh' music on a top-notch system. I like good sound, but strive for compromise. High bit rate MP3s sound pretty good through Klipsch speakers! However, I do have my quality LPs/CDs if I want to do an audiophile throwdown windowshaking test of my equipment.
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  4. illinoisteve

    illinoisteve Super Member

    A literal translation of "audio" + "phile" is "sound lover." So if you love recorded sounds besides the purely musical, that might be a reason to apply that term. Translation can be so interesting: the snooty "cuisine" just means "kitchen."

    On the other hand, audiophile might imply a serious devotion to high quality audio equipment, as much as to the quality of the music or other recordings.

    I'm not wealthy enough to be more than a half-fast audiophile. I love a lot of kinds of music, but I like other kinds of recordings, too.
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  5. shacky

    shacky AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Rochester, NY
    I grew up listening to AM on transistor radio too. I remember reading that Paul McCartney always played his bass lines an octive higher so they would sound better (or even make sound) on Transistor and car radios.

    Not sure if that was true or not but there were songs that sounded better then others on AM.

    A big part of why I got into vintage audio was I had a lot of MidFi that only sounded good with good recordings. Beatles, Stones, etc. were not enjoyable.

    Now they are on my SS and Tube setups :yes:
  6. mikeybc

    mikeybc Listener

    Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario
    Audiophile here !

    I won't listen to any music that sounds like crap, I didn't pay a lot of money on equipment to have my ears sonically offended by a crappy recording.
  7. Brett a

    Brett a ~◦●○o0o○●◦~ Moderator

    Massachusetts-North Quabbin

    I don't understand the question.

    Specifically, I'm thrown by the word "or".

    I think a more realistic question would be "Do you love gear and music, or just music?"
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  8. 62caddy

    62caddy Trust but verify Subscriber


    ...or just gear...?
  9. mikeybc

    mikeybc Listener

    Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario
    Just gear:D
  10. shacky

    shacky AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Rochester, NY
    I think I already stated thought I had when I posted this. Some folks want the ultimate gear even if moderate quality doesn't sound good on it. Like my Thiels. They sound great with great recordings. Throw on some Beatles Mono and it's flat and boring.

    Now everything sounds great with either my:

    Sui 890DB - AR 3a's, 5's, KLH 23's, Dynaco A25's...
    Eico HF-81 with my Klipsch Forte's

    Both setups using Apple Lossless files streamed to Music Hall tube DAC.

    I would love to have some of the mega dollar Audiophile setups available but not at the cost of making mid level recordings sound like crap - nor do I have the $'s to spend. I want to be able to enjoy old Beatles, Zombies, Derek and the Domnoes, along with Pat Metheny, Classical, etc.

    If you don't like the question - no need to participate :D
  11. Art K.

    Art K. The Voodoo You Do! Subscriber

    Corvallis, Or
    +1. I voted for music because I wouldn't own any gear if I didn't love music.
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  12. OnTheBlitz

    OnTheBlitz It's all good! Hunter & Scooter Love Pink Floyd :) Subscriber

    Valencia, California
    To me the HiFi is just a means to listen to the music we love. I enjoy listening to music even in my 2012 Ford Edge with factory stereo. As long as it is listenable, I listen to music. Same goes with the Smartphone and Earbuds, listen to 320kbps MP3's.
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  13. VNeal

    VNeal New Member

    I am all about the equipment and music second
  14. Most people are thrown when they hear their favorite music on truly flat-response speakers. Even the high-endiest high end hi-fi speakers are hyped in some frequency or another.

    I too grew up with the portable AM radio in leatherette case hanging from my bedpost, with the mono/single-ear earphone for late-night listening. I found an old earphone I had recently and plugged it into my iPod, just to hear what it sounded like... The piercing highs and honky mid-range almost took my head off. Can't believe I spent hours listening like that.

    Music Lover. No question.

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  15. sunrayjack12

    sunrayjack12 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I understand
  16. vonclod

    vonclod AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'm equal parts music lover and gearhead, they both go together for me.
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  17. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Super Member

    This is sometimes the old egg, chicken thing, in that which fosters which first.

    I'd have to go with the music. The love of music brings about the system that is the journey.

    Then when a person experiences a good system (at a friend's house/in a store setting), they look forward to obtaining a system that does a good job of increasing the appreciation that was there to begin with. As time passes, they tend to want a better reproduction of the sound as close as they can get to a real life musical event.

    If along they way out of design or not, a knowledge base occurs and this creates an interest in how the different gear works. Some like to go into detail on the electronic workings, for others it is simply obtaining better gear that they can afford or improvements take place bringing about a better result and they arrive at their destination.

    For me it was the music that inspired the desire to appreciate better sound and head in the direction of becoming an audiophile along the way.

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  18. BillJGW

    BillJGW AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SE WI
    ^^^This. I used to be kind of an audiophile snob, dabbling only in the very high-end of equipment and listening to only better recorded music (audiophile-approved recordings). Now, In my wisdom and more senior years, I have come to appreciate more modest yet still good-sounding gear and just appreciate the music more.
  19. MuchoReverbo

    MuchoReverbo New Member

    It's hard to imagine an audiophile who isn't a music lover.

    Sort of like a wine connoisseur who hates alcohol...... or a cigar aficionado who doesn't like tobacco.
  20. techguy0192

    techguy0192 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Audiophile. My endless pursuit of quality takes me deeper into the music.

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