Augusta National

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by sunrayjack12, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. sunrayjack12

    sunrayjack12 Active Member

    Are there any golf fans among us going to Augusta for the Main Event this year ?


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  2. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    For those of us who can't be there...

  3. RT Fan

    RT Fan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    No, but both my brother and a nephew have been there and as such I have two shirts! They like rubbing it in.
  4. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Portland OR
    I've always wanted to go. Only had one chance a few years ago via a lottery drawing from the WSGA. They charter a jet to fly down a Thursday and see the whole field before the cut. I think it was $700 something and decided no.

    I tried hooking up with CBS Sports in 2013, no luck there either. I worked NCAA rounds 1/2, and was trying to hook up with them for 3/4 in Memphis and then on to Augusta. I did get a nice March Madness hat though.

    I'm hearing you need to just get to one of the gates to see John Daly selling crazy clothing out of a motorhome! Maybe even pound down a few beers with him.

    I have a 16ft RV trailer on stand by in my driveway in case I need to hit the road.
  5. greymatter

    greymatter AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Royal Oak , Michigan
    Been there the last year TW won the US amateur. What a amazing venue , chatted with Craig Stadler , Lee Jenson , Cory Pavin, Tom Watson , John Daly. I have been playing golf for 50 years and it's the one place I would love to play .Just once .

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