B&W CDM7 crossover recap

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by jmitchnh, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. jmitchnh

    jmitchnh Active Member

    New Hampshire
    I have a pair of mint CDM7's (not SEs or 7nt) that I'm considering updating the crossovers on. I see from the schematic and pics that there are two caps (both look pretty inexpensive), a 4.7 and 10 uf. Has anyone tried upgrading the crossovers on these and if so, any recommendations on cap mfgs? I appreciate any feedback you guys may have on this!


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  2. M Chavez

    M Chavez Active Member

    I would leave them alone but for what it's worth B&W uses straightforward stuff lots of Bennic and lots of electrolytics too
    on speakers they know the reviewers will be opening up they do stuff in a few boutique types on their high end models
    if they sound good I'd leave things alone but if you have to any honest cap like Dayton will be as good as what is in there now
  3. M Chavez

    M Chavez Active Member

    and the Dayton is Bennic from the same factory just different branding tape exactly the same quality
  4. toxcrusadr

    toxcrusadr Omelette du Fromage Subscriber

    Central Missouri
    The 4.7 is probably for the tweeter and that's a good place to invest in something 'nicer' if you want to upgrade.

    The 10 uf, if it is electrolytic, there are some premium electrolytics you could try out. You may not want to switch it to film if it is an electro as the ESR will likely be different and can change the speaker's balance.

    I don't have specific recommendations but there are a lot of threads on AK about caps.

    Slide over to the Speakers forum and search for "good caps" (with quotes), recap, "recommended caps" etc.

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