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Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by mattd008, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. mattd008

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    I like to do movie nights in the backyard with the kids. I have been lugging an old Sony STR-DE598 receiver out with the gear below, but I am looking to simplify.

    I have an old (not very good) LCD projector that is not HD but has an HDMI input, Apple TV, little jerry rigged 50 watt TPA3116 amp, and a pair KEF C20's. Sometimes I will hookup a sub woofer too...Anyway, I need a DAC because the audio out of the appleTV is optical.

    What do folks recommend? I don't expect to ever do surround sound, I just want something simple that makes it so I don't need to lug a bunch of junk outside. Better yet I want to haul smaller, lighter junk outside.

    The screen I use is a kingsize sheet white sheet from wall-mart, it that helps put my budget and need for high quality into context. I did sew a ripped-in-half black sheet to the sides to make it look more like a movie screen, so it isn't all junk (it sort of is, but it is my junk and I love it).


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  2. Tim64

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    Southern Oregon
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  3. PianotunerNJ

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    +1, can’t beat that price. Fits bill.
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  4. hjames

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    VA near DC
    I'll second this recommendation - I had one of these on my Oppo DV-971 disc player and it had especially great sound for the insane low pice!

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