Baltimore people - anyone used Just Audio in Parkville?

Discussion in 'Regional Clubs' started by N8Nagel, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. N8Nagel

    N8Nagel AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sterling, VA
    Have several pieces needing repair

    Marantz 4270 - no RR channel (preamp issue)
    Luxman R-1120 - one channel faint an uncontrolled by volume (believe also preamp)
    Harman/Kardon 330c - deoxited the controls, and it never powered up again - go figure!

    I think all of these are over my head although I'm still picking away at the Marantz as I have ideas, had been taking stuff to Brett in Falls Church but it's less convenient for me now that I'm working in Beltsville.


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