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Discussion in 'The Music Barter' started by dfunghi, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. dfunghi

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    Central Coast California
    Alive and kicking thread..... Just cleaned a few LPs and it appears based on description improvement was obtained. Will await final verdict.

  2. captouch

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    Bay Area, CA
    Posting some feedback on the US cleaning that dfunghi did on 3 of my albums.

    I had 2 first/early Miles Davis pressings (Round About Midnight and My Funny Valentine). RAM was acquired from an old jazz enthusiast and the record was in pretty great shape for being 60yrs old, but had misc relatively minor clicks/pops even after going through my KAB EV-1 vacuum based machine. MFV was bought on CL and didn't even have an inner sleeve and shows some hairlines/minor flaws, etc, but nothing too major. Though a bit noisy, it sounded pretty good.

    The 3rd album I sent for cleaning was a 2003 2 x 45rpm Analogue Productions release of Know What I Mean that I picked up on eBay. Though it looked to be in great/pristine condition, even after 2-3 runs through my vacuum machine, it had significant crackling noise esp on the first track, but also at various points throughout playback on all sides. I could hear the potential in the parts that didn't have noise, but I was seriously thinking of returning it as the noise that was there kind of ruined the overall experience.

    After US cleaning:
    MFV - it's hard to tell whether this got better. Because the clicks/pops, while minor, are pretty frequent it's just hard to tell.
    RAM - I'm fairly certain this got better. The noise that's occasionally there seems obvious and due to some physical flaw, but other parts of the LP are quiet. So there's virtually no low level noise that's persistently there.
    Know What I Mean - This one improved the most. All that significant crackling on the first track is gone - just silent. Having played the first 2 sides, I can say it's much much improved - not 100% totally silent every second of both sides, but it's about as quiet as any used record I've ever had and better than some new ones.

    So I'm very pleased with the results of the US cleaning and recommend it esp for LPs that look great, but still have persistent noise that don't seem to respond to other methods of cleaning.

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